Monday, April 02, 2007

Tancredo Is In

Congressman Tom Tancredo made his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination official today.

Tancredo will be making illegal immigration the focus of his campaign. When asked why he was running, Tancredo said "You look and you see no one is going to make this [illegal imagination] the primary issue of their campaign."


Worldviews Revolution said...

That's good Tancredo is running, but I wonder why he doesn't just support Ron Paul? People will look at Tancredo and think he has a one-issue candidacy, and an "un-compassionate" issue at that.

On the other hand, Ron Paul is running on a more rounded-out national sovereignty and Federal non-intervention platform. Ron Paul also portrays a friendly and down-to-earth personality, rather than Tancredo's perceived "confrontational" outlook.

Worldviews Revolution said...

Note: there is a critical misspelling in the word "immigration." Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Worldviews revolution,

I suspect if either Tancredo or Paul get ahead,the other will drop out and endorse.

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