Sunday, April 01, 2007

Chapman Ends Campaign

Gene Chapman has ended his campaign for the Presidency. Chapman, who was seeking the nominations of the Constitution and Libertarian parties as well many other minor parties, has deleted all of his campaign web sites.

"I've carried the ball as far down field as I can. With 4 jobs and school starting in June, along with not having a truck to carry me to presidential debates, I see no way to continue the campaign," Chapman says is the reason he quit the race.

But, is that the real reason Gene ended his campaign? Gene's exit from the race comes less than 24 hours after a few replies were made on the anti-Chapman blog Gene Chapman For President of the United States of America, Incorporated? that could be politically damaging to him.

ElfNino's Mom Reports:

As a select few of you are aware, this blog got hit with a rather unusual anonymous comment yesterday. I'm not going to repeat it because I have no way of substantiating some of what was in it, but it was posted by someone who claimed to know Gene's ex-wife, and it made some very specific accusations about Gene's background which, if true, would not only destroy his political aspirations, but would render him a pariah forever.

It's possible those two things are related and, if so, I just feel bad that Gene didn't listen to me back when he first started his campaign, even before I started this blog, when I warned him in no uncertain terms that anything he had ever done will come back to bite him in a presidential campaign. I don't know if this is some of the stuff that he thought would never come to light, but I do find his sudden disapparance - in less than 24 hours after those comments were posted in multiple blogs - to be a very, very strange coincidence.

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