Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cox the Conservative Answer?

Is John Cox the conservative answer for Republicans in the up coming election? The Cherry Creek News reports:

The present top three Republican Presidential candidates are Mitt Romney who has been inconsistent in his conservative positions, Rudolph Giuliani who seems to be a liberal in conservative clothing and John McCain who’s border issues are in part, not consistent with most conservative’s desires.

A genuine Republican Presidential candidate, JOHN COX, is a “TRUE CONSERVATIVE”. John Cox, a Chicago businessman, former U.S. Senate candidate, and former President of the Cook County, Illinois Republican Party is a complete conservative on every point. When you look at all of the Republican candidates and check off where they stand on conservative issues, John Cox is one of the few that completely fit the criteria.


Asher Heimermann said...

The latest on that campaign, lol.

Asher Heimermann

Anonymous said...

As the blog posting above indicates, the Cox campaign has utterly imploded.

His (third) campaign manager has quit, his communications director has quit and recently many of the remaining state chairs have quit.

He has never appeared in a major poll. In fact, after a year of campaigning, he has raised less than $10,000 and has gotten very little coverage in the national media.

A Zogby poll taken last month failed to muster TEN respondents who had even heard his name in a recent survey of 16,000 people in four states. Now THAT'S a failure of monumental size.

His abrassive personality, huge ego and a failure to listen to his own advisors advice (leading to collossal and highly damaging public blunders) are said to be to blame for his troubles.

Anonymous said...

Cox has raised less than $12,000 in the last year and a half. (no, that's not 12 million, it's 12 THOUSAND.)

Cox cannot play with the big boys. He should run as an independent, but as a Republican, he can't hack it.

National Coordinatoir said...

Asher Hiemmerman worked for John Cox as a Wisconsin State Coordinator for a few months but was FIRED by me for misrepresenting the campaign and for fraud. He lied about signing up bogus county coordinators and was paid monthly bonuses for these bogus signups. We could not believe anything he said then. Why should you believe anything this 14 yr old kid is saying now.
Asher is acting solely out of his spirit of revenge for being fired by me.

This kid is no Boyscout.

National Coordinator said...

This site has too many liars. Don't listen to anyone that depends on lies and heresay as any source of news, especially 1 14 yr old snot nosed child. Do you want to know John Cox's funding? Do the smart thing and go to the, the Federal Election Commission. John has raised over $760,000, spent $329000 during the 1st quarter of this year. Its in the FEC filings, look it up, and stop taking political advice from children.

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