Tuesday, January 23, 2007

IL CP Leader On Obama Candidacy

Randy Stufflebeam is the chairman of the Illinois branch of the Constitution Party and was their write in candidate for Governor in the 2006 election in which he won 0.5% of the vote.

Mr. Stufflebeam answered these question concerning the candidacy of Barak Obama and effect the Constitution Party may have in the 2008 election.

1. What do you think a Barak Obama Presidency would be like?

In a word, “Scary.” I’m afraid for this country with any Democrat in the Presidency. With the Democrats in control of the house and Democratic President, it will spell certain disaster for our freedoms and liberties. We’ve just witnessed the recent push to curtail our freedom of speech with section 220 of Senate Bill 1, which Obama supported.

I believe that what strides we’ve taken to protect the unborn and traditional marriage, with a President such as Obama (or any other liberal), all of that will be undone.

We’ve seen how damaging it has been to our country with a Republican House and a Republican President. I can’t imagine what it will be like with liberals in complete control.

2. What do you think will have to be done in order to stop Obama from becoming the next President?

I suspect that Senator Hillary Clinton will take care of this one for us. While Obama is certainly the Media’s darling, I just don’t think he packs the clout that Clinton does.

3. Could the Constitution Party run a candidate that could beat Obama?

Yes! Especially if the Republicans give us as liberal a candidate for President as they did for Governor here in Illinois.

With my position as Chairman of the Constitution Party of Illinois, Chairman of the Midwestern United States Region and a member of the board of the Veteran’s Coalition of the Constitution Party, I will be working to ensure that our Presidential Candidate is elected.

4. Who do you think would be the best Constitution Party candidate for President and why?

I believe that my choice would have to be one of my heroes, the man who was indirectly responsible for me becoming a Constitutionalist, Chief Justice Roy Moore. His moral courage and constitutional understanding (among his many other qualifications), eminently qualify him for the position of President of the United States.

Three others that I would have no problems in supporting would be Chuck Baldwin, Michael Peroutka and Alan Keyes. Though I know that Constitution Party National Committee is looking at Jerome (Jerry) Corsi as a possible candidate, I wasn’t at the last committee meeting in New Hampshire and did not have the opportunity to meet him and I know very little about him other than he co-authored the book, “Unfit for Command.”


Anonymous said...

Is Jim Gilchrist no longer an option?

What about the possibility of picking up Tancredo after he fails in the Primary?

Joe said...

Michael Peroutka is my first choice. Tancredo has been a supporter of the Patriot Act and President Bush's unconstitutional attack on Iraq. One of his One of biggest financial backers has been Dr. John Tanton, one of the most prominent financiers of Planned Parenthood in the United States.

Chuck said...

The CP should save its money and back Dr. Ron Paul, someone with even more "moral courage and constitutional understanding" by far than Roy Moore.

Anonymous said...

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