Monday, September 24, 2007

Sprankle Q & A

Interview with Republican Presidential candidate Keith Sprankle:

1. Why should you be the next President?

Simple, none of the other candidates, on either side, are looking at the whole condition of our Nation. It is like a cruise ship with no one at the helm and everyone working below decks to keep the machinery running. Everyone has focused on individual issues without addressing the true direction our Nation is heading.
For the sake of my children and yours, in fact we need to worry about the next five years which really means you and I, we need someone with an eye to the horizon to steer our ship through the turbulent waters ahead.
The American worker is running out of money in their paychecks for supporting the projects of Washington.
Why I am different? I believe we must increase our tax base, not our tax rates. We must increase wages, put more people to work, build new business and new industry. We must push our economy into high gear, bring down the price of fuel, bring down the cost of food and increase the education of all people.
The only way to save America is to build our economy and not slow it down.
Adding 110 billion to the National budget for health-care, or any number of other domestic programs as the Democrats have proposed to increase our taxes, will drive this Country to recession as President Bush recently pointed out on September 21st, 2007. America cannot afford to pay for everything on the backs of the America worker.
Strong business and new innovative industry will move this Nation through the tough times ahead without forcing middle America to cut back their lifestyles and cut back their spending.
We must speed up our economy for some very basic reasons.
Americans cannot afford to pay more in taxes to support all of the programs which need to be addressed. We have a Social Security system on the verge of failing. We have increasing government costs for health-care. We have a crumbling infrastructure which needs to be rebuilt today. Food prices are starting a multi-year sky-rocketing phase which will place financial burden on every working American family in this Nation. And then there is the price you are paying for gasoline. We see these prices changing on nearly a daily bases to the up side. Our world population and economies have made this problem self indulging and self-sustaining. It will take only actions as I have proposed to stop the runaway consequences.
We are in a unique position today as a Nation to achieve the needed economic and technological growth required to overcome the social issues of our society. But you cannot fund this on the backs of the American worker or at the expense of the American children.
Be all of this said, remember one more thing. No other candidate will be held to higher standards and be held accountable for their promises to the America public. The eye of the Nation and the World will be on every step I make to ensure our Country moves in the directions promised.

2. What makes you the best choice for the Republican nomination?

All of the above, I have demonstrated the vision and business sense for real change and accomplishment within our Nation. My plans all work together to strengthen the American economy. Everyone is calling for change in Washington, but no one has offered the real solution until now. Even today on Meet the Press, Allen Greenspan acknowledged he is very concerned about the overall direction of the American economy and he is voicing concern about recession. I am the only candidate seeking to push our economy into “High Gear” in order to strengthen the power of the dollar in the American workers pocketbook. My plans bring stability back to household budgets and my plans fast-track technology to solve future energy production needs. Every other candidate has placed their careers and political motivation ahead of the needs of the people in this Nation. This is not a chess game; this is a position which requires understanding, compassions and a God given sense of direction.

3. How are you different from candidates like John Cox?

I bring a complete plan and vision for our Nation, no matter what issues are thrown in front of our course. Mr. Cox holds the standard Republican Party line which is fine and necessary, but again he is not looking to the overall direction the Ship of America is heading. Slow reaction policy will force our Nation into a slow recession. We must be pro-Active heading off any chance of further turmoil in our economic markets and in the pocketbooks of the American worker. A unified plan must take into account all markets, all theaters of operation and all affects on our society. Under John Cox, endless debate and inaction will stall any possible recovery. My Plans will win the situation in Iraq and protect what so many lives have fought to achieve. My Plan will bring our fighting troops home in a reasonable timeframe. My plans work to improve life in America for everyone, no matter what their beliefs or status. My plans will bring us closer to solving issues like energy production, curing Cancer and raising the educational level of this Nation as a whole. My plans build and protect this Nation for our children and their children.

4. What is your position on the Iraq War?

As explained, I want to see our troops out as soon as possible, while protecting what we have fought and died for. We do not want to see further or future problems arising out of this part of the Middle-East. My plans will improve diplomatic relations with all Nations and bring to bear the full strength and influence of the World. No one can afford the United States to falter in economic strength due to a failed Middle-East solution. The world depends on us as much as we do on them and therefore we have the upper hand in developing a solid, forceful and time drive solution which can be achieved on the diplomatic front to win this war once and for all!

5. How important are the issues of abortion and gay rights to you?

Family values have deteriorated in this Country. Our forefathers never envisioned the issues we are facing today. We must use and rely on faith in God to guide us on strengthening the moral issues we face. Abortion should never be a choice, unless it would result in the death, or other serious complications of the mother. Life is God given and should not be taken by mankind. Life starts at the moment of conception and there is no argument on this issue.
Marriage is, and should always be, “One Man and One Woman”. We must protect the moral integrity of this Nation and the Values which our founding fathers intended for all people. All people have rights and freedoms which must be protected as mandated under the constitution. Our Nation will work through these issues together with more open dialog between all people.

6. Will you support whomever becomes the Republican nominee?

I will support whoever becomes the nominee as the choice of the majority of the Republican Voters. We must work together to fight off the increased taxation proposed by the Democratic Party.

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