Saturday, September 30, 2006

Randy Crow Answers Questions

Randy Crow is running for the 2008 Democratic Party nomination for President. Like Republican Michael Smith, Crow also lables himself as fiscal conservatve.

Crow has ran in a couple primarys and the Iowa caucus in 2000 and 2004 for the Democratic nomination.

Crow's Primary Votes (from the FEC)
New Hampshire: 29 (0.02%)
Louisania: 5,097 (3.24%)
New Hampshire: N/A
Texas: 6,338 (0.76%)

Mr. Crow the time to answer these questions for the Conservative President 2008.

1. Why are you running for President?

In 2000 I drove around Iowa and I ran in the Democratic Presidential Primaries in New Hampshire and Louisiana and in 2004 I drove around Iowa (someone needs to sit me down and explain Iowa to me because I have not figured it out yet) more and I ran in the Democratic Presidential Primaries in New Hampshire and Texas, so 2008 will not be my first rodeo. My web site Randy Crow Democrat for President, has been live since 1998 or so and usually I get 100,000 hits per month or so and this is more hits than even the so called big time candidates. So far I have spent over $70,000.00 of my own money running for political office, presently I am running for county commissioner and it is my 13 th election. I have bad mouthed Little George before bad mouthing Little George was cool. September 11 was obviously a scam. The bad guys are laying on the planet the lie three massive building were brought down by fuel catching on fire in two planes whose fuel could not have generated enough heat to bring down a one story building. Nuclear bombs had to have been detonated in the buildings to bring them down with very sophisticated delayed action built in to the math. Why? Why is the world being lied to on such a massive scale? There are a bunch of bad guys making war on the United States so they can destitute the American people to force us to lick their boots and be their slaves. There are many reasons I have run for President for the last seven years or so. I love America. I do not want to see Karl Rove type of Neocons steal and destroy a great country from great people because of their cheap near do well wannabe scams and lies.

2. Why should the Democrats nominate you as their candidate in 2008?

The so called big time Democratic candidates are manipulated by the bad guys and cannot make any change in the United States and the United States must change politically or the people will be licking the boots of and be slaves of the Neocons and bad guys. Karl Rove and the bad guys are infiltrating the Democratic Party as fast as can be for the sole purpose of creating a one party system in the United States. That’s communi$m, mi amigo. It is no accident Yalie Kerry conceded to Yalie Little George so quickly. I am the only Democratic Party candidate who has ties with or knows individuals who have ties to the money and power in this country who is not complicit with those who want to make the United States a one party system run by a super minority.

3. What do you see as one of the major problems facing America at this time?

Ottie $ulzberger of the New York Times and Craig Moon of USAToday and other media in this country making war on the states with their treasonous propaganda and lies. One of media biggest deceptions lately which is responsible for the deaths of many of our brave soldiers is the media writing as fact Hezbollah crossed over in to Israel and captured two Israeli Special Operations operatives. This makes no sense. Why would Lebanon holocaust itself? Numerous articles have been posted on the Internet stating Israeli operatives on a ("suicide," my opinion) mission crossed over in to Lebanon. (And started killing women and children for the purpose of giving Israel an excuse to holocaust Lebanon and expand the Mid East War. My opinion based on logic.) Logic dictates Hezbollah captured the Israeli operates to prove Israel crossed over in to Lebanon. Our media does not use the phrase "it is alleged Hezbollah crossed in to Israel" when they should. Big time media reporting questionable facts as fact is a major problem facing America at this time.

4. Where do you stand on social issues like abortion and gay rights?

I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. My mother told me any woman who allowed someone else tell her what she could and could not do with her body was an idiot, and I agree with her. This world has a choice. Stop the racism and prejudice or die. I believe gays should be able to have civil marriages. When a couple is married in a Church usually their union is blessed by the congregation and I believe in separation of church and state and I do not think the government should tell churches what they must do as far as marriage is concerned.

5. Do you think that if you become the Democrat's candidate that you will be able to get Republicans to vote for you?

I believe most Republicans think as I do and do not believe in the Karl Rove, Neocon, Father of Lies philosophy of “you are either with us or against us.” “’You are either with us or against us” translates into Republicans will be classified as terrorists, tried in tribunals in secrete without any US Constitutional rights, put in secrete prisons, tortured Abu Ghraib style, and their money transferred to the Father of Lies and the Neocons. Each day that passes comrade Father of Lies makes it clear all Republicans are expected to lick his boots and be his slave or die and this should make Republicans nervous. Republicans will not vote for me now. However, after the Father of Lies orders a long Colt 45 put to their temple and dry fired a few times, or watch enough nightly news, and the Dow Jones falls to $100 Republicans may have an attitude adjustment and consider voting for me.

6. If you lose the Democratic nomination, will you run as a third party candidate?

Through the years I have been asked this question and its purpose is usually to nullify me as a Democratic candidate. (When I am asked this question I start looking for Karl Rove. Observing Rove's opposition research for my present election is one of my past times.) My answer is "No, I will not run as a third party candidate." Many people find it hard to believe what I say and write but if one can see through comrade Ron Gun$berger’$ lies one will realize I never intentionally lie and I am very accurate. Keeping in mind I do make mistakes, in my opinion this country is much closer to the Neocons and bad guys declaring Marshall Law and the Father of Lies continuing to rule the USA with Neocon racism, hatred and lies. John Negroponte surely is forming death squads here. I am holding my breath that we have Presidential elections 2008!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Draft Buchanan 2008 Underway

Draft Buchanan 2008 began this month, according the Magic City Morning Star, at an Immigration Rally in New Jersey. The group aims to draft Pat Buchanan, the two time (1992 and 1996) Republican presidential hopeful and 2000 Reform Party presidential candidate and political commentator, as the 2008 Republican presidential candidate.

Paul Streitz, Chairman of Draft Buchanan, aimed attacks at three of the leading contenders for the nomination. On John McCain he said, "Half the party will walk out if McCain is nominated. Anybody proposing amnesty is dead in the water for the Republican nomination in 2008."
Stritz said "I don't think many Republicans are going to vote for a mayor who sued the federal government to keep NY City police from cooperating with immigration officials," referring to Rudy Giuliani.
Finally Streitz took aim at Newt Gingrich, "Newt talks about tough border security but then goes on about the road to citizenship. What this means is amnesty. He wants to keep his corporate backers and yet appeal to the Republican base. It won't work."

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Imperato: "Leading 2008 Presidential Candidate"

Daniel Imperato announced on July 21 of this year that he is an Independent candidate for President. In a headline of an article from the USPRwire he is labeled as the "Leading 2008 Presidential Candidate." Daniel Brooks is Imperato's running mate.

Imperato supports that all unregistered immigrants must registered with the by December 31, 2007 and that America should pull out 90% of our troops in Iraq by 2007. What does Imperato have to with either of these ideas? He would not be in office, or even close to being put in office, in 2007.

Imperato's campaign web site does not mention any thing about securing our boarders, which is the biggest door open to terrorists.

Right now, Imperato may be the "Leading 2008 Presidential Candidate" or least the leading independent candidate but, he still has a far ways to go before he could get my support.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Multi Party Candidate Answers Questions

Gene Chapman is seeking to be the 2008 Presidential candidate of the Libertarian, Constitution, Southern and Boston Tea parties. Chapman took the time to answer these questions for The Conservative President 2008.

1. Why are you running for President?
I am an anti-Communist in Communist America, and I find no one else able to articulate my case but me.

2. Why are you seeking the Libertarian, Constitution, Boston Tea and Southern Party nominations?
We are attempting to make a new super third party to actually get our people elected to national office rather then just running to be captain of a third party debate team.

3. What do you see as the biggest problem with the Democrat and Republican party's?
They are no longer in a dispute between Communism in the Democrat Party and Liberty in the Republican Party; rather, they are in dispute only as to the degree of Communist Aggression we will live under in America.

4. Do you consider yourself a fiscal and social conservative?
It is hard to define me in today's terms. I am a Libertarian by dictionary definition, so I suppprt leaving people alone to make their own mistakes in life. "Liberty of Conscience" is center in my life.

A former Goldwater Presidential Campaign advisor, Noel Nelson, puts me in Goldwater's camp.

5. In your opinion, what is one of the biggest issues facing America?
The Ten Planks of "The Commuinst Manifesto" are destroying us from within.

6. If another candidate with similar views as yours were to arise, would you consider dropping out of the race?
Unless Barry Goldwater rises from the dead, that's not going to happen.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Giuliani, Clinton and the NY Liberal Party

The New York Liberal Party should be happy about the leading candidates for President in 2008. Both Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani were backed by the Liberal Party in their campaign bids.

This party has opposed conservative candidates since it was founded in 1944 in which it almost always supports Democrats for President, in 1980 Jimmy Carter even proved to be not liberal enough for this party and it endorsed Independent John B. Anderson.

Where will the conservative candidate be in 2008, if these two Liberal Party candidates are the major party candidates?

Republican Michael Smith Answers Questions

Republican Party candidate for President Michael Smith answered these questions for The Conservative President 2008.

1. Why are you running for President?

I’m running to represent a choice within the Republican Party that I believe is missing, yet represents the true ideals of the Republican Party: Respect for the individual and a focus on smaller government. Both parties have let interests with money shape their message, and Republicans have allowed the Party to follow the interests of big-business and social conservatives to the detriment of their principles.

Although it’s quite a long-shot, I figured I could represent that traditional view of conservative Republican values better than an “established” candidate who is trying to raise funds and “win” by being all things to all voters. My goal is to provide a voice to that segment of voters who want an alternative. Whether that segment represents a majority or not, they deserve to have a voice in the process.

I believe in the promise of the American Dream. I’ve achieved a reasonable amount of success through hard work and education but it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that the next generation will have a higher standard of living than their parents. I feel obligated to do what I can to change that legacy for my children.

2. Why should Republicans nominate you as their candidate for President?

We’ll, they probably shouldn’t nominate me. For a variety of reasons, I doubt that I’d be electable nationwide. But in the Primary process they should vote for me to represent a point of view that has been missing from the Party debate in recent years. The traditional conservative view of smaller government, and a more libertarian view on individual rights and personal accountability has been usurped in recent years by an aggressively growing government that increasingly infringes on civil liberties. We live in age of many challenges, but we should be much more cautious about the compromises we make in the name of security. Our $9 trillion debt and loss of wages overseas is a much more tangible threat to our way of life than any jihad, yet “islamofascism” is much more menacing in the public imagination.

3. You say, on your web site, that you are pro-choice and pro-gay rights so why should conservative Republicans vote for you?

Those views were good enough for Barry Goldwater, and I’m proud to share them. It comes down to a definition of “conservative.” Do we mean by conservative that we take a set of conservative social values and impose them on the general population, or that we are conservative in how we expect government to act upon a free people? My test is what I think of as the “turned table.” Some may advocate for the Ten Commandments displayed in schoolrooms, but how would they feel about the Qur’an? Some are comfortable with President Bush tapping phones without judicial safeguards, but how would they feel about Hillary Clinton exercising the same discretion? Some would like creationism taught in the public schools, but how would they feel about immaculate conception, transubstantiation, or reincarnation?

I’m concerned about any attempt to legislate morality. I believe the private choices of consenting adults should generally be left to the consenting adults – and that also includes the right to raise your children in a religious school if you like and to own a gun. Let’s be conservative in how we govern, and stick to the Constitution.

4. What do you see as a major issue facing America at this time?

I think our Nation’s economic health is much more shallow than commonly reported. The Bush administration recently claimed a 24% increase in the average standard of living. The problem is in the math; an average can be heavily influenced by extreme changes at the upper end of the range. The median household income over 2000-2004 actually fell. Our current National debt equates to roughly $30,000 for every American man, woman, and child. We need to cut the federal government dramatically and push programs to the state and local level where they can be managed responsibly at a level without the option of printing more money when they run out. Our tax system needs to be redrawn to abolish income taxes in favor of consumption-base taxes. This would provide incentives for earning, saving, and investment while putting America on a more level footing with our international competitors. I believe dependence on foreign oil and burdensome health care costs contribute to an economy that lacks security and deprives working Americans of opportunity.

5. If you lose the Republican nomination, will you run as a Third Party candidate for President?

No, I consider myself a Republican and would do my best to support the nominee and participate in the discussion however I could. I’m somewhat sympathetic to the Libertarian Party but I see more value in government than they seem to. I think traditional Republican values represent the best hope for American prosperity, security, and opportunity.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Republican Klien on Memphis Local 3

Dr. Mike Klien is "testing the waters" to run for the Republican presidential nomination. This interview was conducted during the Republican Leadership Conference.

Michael Smith, Fiscal Conservative

Michael Charles Smith is seeking the Republican nomination for President. Smith has not held any previous elected office.

He labels himself as a fiscal conservative, "I support a balanced budget with changes to current tax structures" Smith says on his web site.

Smith is not a social conservative, however. On his web site he says "Abortion hinges on individual belief regarding the inception of life. The government shouldn’t make policy on matters of belief." Abortion is not matter of "belief," it is a matter of the life or death of a human. He also pro-gay rights.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Arnold Jones, Presidential Hopeful, Answers Questions

Arnold Jones is running as an Independent for the White House and is also seeking the nomination of the Independent American Party. Jones answered these questions for The Conservative President 2008.

1. Why are you running for President?

I think our country needs to have it's rights re-established. I think there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed from health insurance, elderly, social security, joblessness, military awareness both domestically and internationally. There are fundamental issues that need to be addressed within our country. We also need to find a way to keep the checks and balance system working and yet have a senate and congress that work together with the president in relation to our country.

2. What do you is the biggest problem with the Republican and Democrats?

Both parties are jousteling for power and working towards goals of each party rather than trying to become a bi-partisan government that is working for the people of this country rather than for what each party wants individually. They both need to start working together and yes we need both parties but they need to refocus.

3. Do you consider yourself a social and fiscal conservative?

Well I believe that I am more in the middle. There are certain issues that I lean very socially towards and then there are the fiscal areas of ensuring that we meet budgets and yet try to ensure we have enough money without bankrupting our society on. That is a very good guestion that is very loaded because there truly is no way one person can realistically lean one way or the other completely.

4. In your opinion, what is one of the biggest issues facing America?

This would be our freedoms that we as citizens enjoy individually as well as a nation in whole. I say this because it impacts us on all levels fiscally as well as emotionally. We need to ensure that our country and at the same time each and everyone of us is free to live the lifestyle we choose and yet still remain as a strong and impeccable nation globally. This involves terrorism, financial success, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, it involves every aspect of our lives as well as our ability to be able to choose which profession we desire to be in.

5. If another candidate with similar views as yours were to arise, would you consider dropping out of the race?

The answer is No initially. Honestly I would have to research the candidate and their experience, their intentions, their financial background and then speak with them. If I were to believe and feel that this person was a better candidate than myself then the answer would be yes.

Balanced Party Candidate Daley Answers Questions

Orion Daley is the founder and the 2008 Presidential candidate of the Balanced Party. Mr. Daley answered these questions for The Conservative President 2008 and requested that they be in this order.

4. In your opinion, what is one of the biggest issues facing America?

What I see offered as candidates seems to be like milk toast and weeds in what this country needs for its strategic future. Consider what was achieved by what we are now offered as leadership just yesterday ( 20060919 ) at the UN. Two presidents were condemning each other. This likes wise hosed New York for 3 days; but thats a minor issue. Consider instead if we and Iran could have brokered a settlement for friendship. Imagine how this could put out the fires that burn the unfortunate now. Imagine what it could do for world benefit. I have no issue taking this as well to debate upon further inquiry. But for the immediate, consider the mid east and Iraq solutions stewarded by compelling leadership that are documented at .

2. What to you is the biggest problem with the Republican and Democrats?

Recalling election 2004, both demonstrated some polarization strategy by using the term 'Values'. Why not instead create principles for guide lines, which a variance in values can align with; then create a common ground to maintain our constitution; and then simply get rid of the red and blue nonsense. If nothing else, the positions on the issues authored at can compel others for their solutions, and in doing so place a high bar on what this country gets as candidates.

3. Do you consider yourself a social and fiscal conservative?

These terms described some form of illusions for me. We are all basically both liberal and conservative. In terms of your question, how about liberal in the area of consideration of needs, but yet conservative about spending the people's money ? More importantly right now we have to really focus on shoring up our economy and stabilize it. This is so America can have the opportunity for better living standards. Regardless of elsewhere, it deserves this which also sets an example for elsewhere. To shore up our economy, we have to invest in America. Balanced trade and the Investment Based Economy address this at .

5. If another candidate with similar views as yours were to arise, would you consider dropping out of the race?

I hope that other ones can craft principles such as the 5 at . They are 1- Transparent and Accountable Government; 2- The Dignity of Human Rights; 3- Balanced Trade; 4- Economic Solvency; and 5 - Inspire Unity, peace and dignity for all the world. If another candidate can craft such principles and stand behind them, then there is more of a chance that they can be realized for us.

1. Why are you running for President?

In volunteering, the assumption was that any political party first had to be created by an individual before gravity can be afforded for its universe. The principles are its foundation. The likely hood of actually running for president I am willing to embrace, but is not assumed. What the value on of the web offers the Balanced Party, and others is a position on issues. There s a lot of detail at that can further provide dimension in answering your question as well as your other ones. One section is referred to as the 'Promise'. This is my 'State of the Union Speech' authored in 2004. Its view over all is that :
"The health, safety and welfare of the people represents the state in the soundness of this nation. It is in the combination of these factors where uniquely distinguishable, but are inseparable, that provides purpose of the Government and nothing further, nor less. It is in the standards of measure for this soundness, that the state of its people, and thus the Union is served."

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Badnarik, Would He Be A Good Third Choice?

In 2004 the Libertarian Party nominated Michael Badnarik as its candidate for President and it is likely that Badnarik will seek the nomination for second time. Badnarik is currently for US Congress in the 10th Congressional District in Texas.

Badnarik's positions on illegal immigration are very good ones, to see them log onto to his web site, but he also gives reasons why you should vote for if you are pro-life and yet he still wants the votes of the pro-choice candidates, so he really doesn't get that pro-lifers don't want a candidate in office that will not do much to stop abortion. He also supports gay rights.

So, in the end Michael Badnarik would not be the best alternative to Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani.

2004 Badnarik for Presidnet Campaign Ad

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Alan is pro-choice"

Republican candidate for US Senate from the state of Conneticut Alan Schlesinger is openly pro-choice. "Alan is pro-choice, albeit with a couple of conditions..." his web site proclaims. This is why the Conservative President 2008 endorses the candidacy of the Concerned Citizens Party's candidate Timm Knibbs.

This is yet another example of a pro-life Republican and just recently Rudy Giuliani, the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, won a poll as the best liked politician and has also won many presidential polls.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Candidate Koch Answers Questions

David Koch is running for President of the United States as an Independent. As you will see below Mr. Koch and his running mate, Ken Goldstein, are not sure if they are conservatives or not. Their web site,, now says that they are pro-choice.

1. Why are you running for President?

For the last couple of elections, I have not been very happy with thechoices presented by the major parties. It really seems that I have ended upvoting against someone rather than for someone. I also feel that the twomajor parties have moved away from what they once stood for, and more towardextremes that represent special interests, not vast majorities of people.Ken Goldstein, my running mate, in both elections has proposed voting thirdparty, but I always refused, thinking my vote would not matter if I didthat.

As I look forward to the possible major candidates in 2008, I see this cyclecontinuing- I really do not like anyone, and absolutely detest some options.The parties have done nothing to earn my trust, or earn my vote; in fact,both have done nothing but drive me further away. Both parties spout thesame litany of things every four years… and the same exact criticisms of theother party. The parties are just big business in the political arena, andhave lost touch with real people.

It finally hit me that my vote is not something that belongs to theDemocrats or the Republicans- it belongs to me, and the best candidate earnsit, not the lesser of two evils. Voting should be a positive experience; Iresolved to finally vote for good, not vote against; I am tired of negativevoting. And I do not have to feel bad about voting the way I want. Thirdparty voting is not a spoiler for the two major parties if the major partiesdo not earn my vote in the first place.

Over a few months, all these ideas finally filtered down to me asking myselfthe questions, "Why don't you just run?" America is wonderful in that anyonecan do that- just up and decide they want to run. I felt I had some thingsto say, if only to get them out into a public forum and discussed. But mostof all, it just felt right- it felt like something I had to do. But also tolet people know that it’s OK to disagree with the major parties- there areother choices out there.

Ken and I have decided to go forward as far as we can. We can easily publishour thoughts and such on the Internet, and see how they are received. If andwhen we start getting some people agreeing with us (and, more importantly,supporting us financially), we can go to the next step, and ratchet up ourcampaign. If we never get to that point, fine, we can feel good about whatwe have done so far. But we do hope that new and fresh ideas will resonatewith people, and we will be listened to, and perhaps have an impact onnational policy in the future. If we can have some effect, we will considerour campaign a victory.

2. What do you is the biggest problem with the Republican and Democrats?

In a word, deafness. Neither party seems willing to listen to each other, orthe public at large. One of the things I am most proud of, and found quitesurprising, is how much alike regular Democrats and Republicans really are,at the grass roots level. Ken and I come down on opposite sides of manyissues, the same as the Republican and Democrats. But we respect each other,talk to each other, reason with each other, and compromise with each other.With a little bit of talking, it is surprising how close on most subjects wereally are.

Unique to our campaign is the idea of pairing candidates with opposingpoints of view, but setting up platforms based on the agreement of bothsides. This puts us firmly in the moderate camp. But what makes this unique-and interesting- is that we do not get our input from people with roughlythe same philosophy as we have- we go for the opposite. A wider base ofinput will result in better policy based on more points of view, not anarrow point of view. We welcome input from people- we have forums on ourwebsite, we answer questions on MySpace, and we will institute direct accessto the Executive for all people when we are elected. We will listen, and wewill be responsive.

Compare this to the Democrats and Republicans. Their Executives are from thesame party, with roughly the same views. The cut themselves off from thepeople, they do not open themselves up to criticism. But most of all, theyfail to acknowledge (and give credence to) the fact that the oppositionparty does have good ideas. No single party has a monopoly on the right orcorrect answers, but no party is willing to admit that (but we are). Nor dothey seem willing to listen to the opposition's ideas, and learn from them.So this deafness to any ideas but their own is the biggest problem we see.

3. Do you consider yourself a social and fiscal conservative?

Strangely, we seem to be both socially liberal and conservative.Unfortunately, at this point, I cannot give you the exact how and why wecome down on issues in any hard and firm way. Rather than always coming downon issues in one specific way, we look deep into each issue, and see how wefeel about it, and how our standards and morals deal with the issue.

We are socially liberal in that we believe strongly that some sort ofnational health plan should be introduced; yet we also see this as afiscally conservative position in that preventative care will ultimatelysave money overall over acute care. We believe in a strong division ofFederal and Sates-rights issues, and not crossing that line except underextreme circumstances. We are conservative in that we do not feel thefederal government has any standing in the same-sex marriage debate; it issimply not within the purview of the federal government. But we are liberalin that we view that one should not have their rights discriminated againstbased on their sexual orientation; we do believe that sexual orientationshould be a protected civil liberty, just as sex, race and religion arecurrently protected.

I would just say that for the most part, we come from a pretty conservativeviewpoint in that we feel that the federal government should remain limitedin scope, and keep out of where it does not belong. We feel strongly boundto people- to individuals- and we are liberal in that we feel we should allbe able to interact from a level playing field.

Fiscally, yes, you can consider us strongly fiscally conservative. Webelieve in pay as you go, and would like to attack the deficit as soon aspossible. But we go further, and want to bring in some new ideas. We believein a zero-base budget. This means that every cent of every department budgetwill have to be justified on an annual basis. No agency will be able toassume their budget level is safe, and no agency will be able to go afterany increases in funds until they can prove that they are spending allexisting funds efficiently and for the public good.

We would like to see a line-item veto, even if limited only to budget items.

4. In your opinion, what is one of the biggest issues facing America?

This is an easy question to answer, but the solution is much tougher. Thebiggest issue is hands-down energy. No one seems to want to address this,and if we do nothing else, we hope to bring this issue to the forefront. Itis not just an issue of how we are going to power our cars and VCR's, butgoes into our national security and our relations in the Mid-East.

Our idea in this regard is to face it head on, and put our nationalresources into finding a multitude of solutions. We propose setting anational goal of making the United States energy independent in ten years.We model this on John F. Kennedy's 1961 challenge to place a man on the moonwithin ten years, and now, just as then, at the start, we have no idea howit will be accomplished. We do feel there will be no single solution, andthis must be attacked on many fronts. But we know that we can do it- we havethe greatest minds on Earth in the United States, and when we want to dosomething, we do it. And it will be much better if we do it when we want to,than when we need to.

5. If another candidate with similar views as yours were to arise, wouldyou consider dropping out of the race?

Neither Ken nor I are in this to feed our own egos. We are both happy withour lives and families, and we have no real desire to be on a nationalstage. We are only doing this because we feel we are in this to get freshblood into politics, and new ideas out into the media. If someone else couldaccomplish this better, faster and with a higher budget- and could actuallyhave a real effect on US policy- we would not hesitate to throw our supportbehind this team.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Where is the GOP Headed?

Yesterday was primary election day in Florida and like in Illinois, the Republicans of Florida chose a pro-abortion and pro-gay rights candidate. Charlie Crist won the nomination with 64% of the counted votes according to the Florida Department of State web site.

Pro-choice, pro-gay rights candidates keep winning with Republicans. This trend can only lead to the 2008 Republican Presidential nommination where pro-choicer Rudy Giuliani is currently running ahead.

At the rate the GOP is going, it will not be long until pro-life voters will have to turn third party candidates for elections accross the country.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Presidential Candidate Adams Answers Questions

Steve Adams is seeking to become the next President as a write-in candidate. Adams is a software designer and part time UMC pastor from Ohio. He is currently a registered Republican, according to his web site, while his wife is a Democrat.

Mr. Adams took the time to answer some questions for Conservative President 2008. The following are CP08's questions and his replies.

1. Why are you running for President?
Simply put, I love my country. I am running to be able to make the most difference here that I can make. I am striving to reach a position where I can make the right choices where others will not; focusing on the issues and problems that we face as a nation instead of politics, payback, and power struggles.

2. What do you see as the biggest problem with the two major parties?
The biggest problem with the two parties is that together they cannot be one effective government. They cannot focus on the issues because they are too busy arguing and positioning and scheming to gain power for their party. They are hamstrung by addiction to money and power, the desire to keep contributors happy, to keep their party members happy, to look good for the press and not do what is best for the people they serve. It is a shameful state of our nation that most of our elected officials today are only the ones that could buy or sell their way in. They have either raised millions of dollars to fund their campaigns or arrive in Washington only to owe the people who put them there.

3. Do you consider yourself to be a social and fiscal conservative?
I am a social conservative, but it needs to be noted that I do not believe that my conservative views must be forced on the country. There are certainly places where they will intersect, but those must be at points of law and not morality. I discuss several of these issues on my web site - - on the "Issues" page.
I am also a fiscal conservative. A balanced budget, with no pork is mandatory. If a Constitutional amendment is not passed to require such a budget, my veto will force it to be as such. Federal funding and therefore taxes will be limited to only what the Federal government needs to do, and that which only the Federal government (as opposed to state or local governments) can do.

4. What is one of the biggest problems you believe is facing America atthis time?
All the problems I have mentioned so far lead to a nation with failing health. We certainly have pockets of growth and greatness, but overall our government faces a stalemate between the two major parties that paralyzes us from moving forward to fix the problems to make life better for us all. I will bring this need for unity to Washington. I will encourage elected officials from every party to join me to work for America and not for any group with a label. If they resist this call and decide to fight as normal, they will face frequent veto. Historically vetoes have only been overridden 7% of the time. In the worse case, this will in itself force the Congress to work together...against me.

5. Do you think that you can win the presidency as a write-in candidate?
Absolutely. I am not in this race to finish second, to make a point, or to be a spoiler - taking votes away from some other candidate. I am here to win. I am not foolish enough to think this is an easy task. But taking advantage of the power of internet and capitalizing on the widespread disillusionment with incumbents, scandals, and "politics as usual", I am in this race to finish first.

6. If another candidate with similar views as yours were to arise, wouldyou consider dropping out of the race?
While that would not be my first plan, I know never to say never. If another compatible candidate arose, I would pursue options of working together, coming along side to help, but not simply abandoning the race.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Conservative Third Party Beats Liberals In Poll

Minuteman Project, Inc. founder and 2005 American Independence Party candidate for Congress in California's 48th District Jim Gilchrist, won the monthly straw poll at The Next Prez blog for President.

This is the first time a third party candidate has won the monthly straw poll. Democrat John Edwards came in second with 22% of the votes. Green Pat LaMarche came in third with 15% with Republican Rudy Giuliani and Libertarian George Phillies tieing for fourth. Independent Daniel Imperato only managed to win a total of 5% of the total votes.
To view the complete results go here.
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