Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Alan is pro-choice"

Republican candidate for US Senate from the state of Conneticut Alan Schlesinger is openly pro-choice. "Alan is pro-choice, albeit with a couple of conditions..." his web site proclaims. This is why the Conservative President 2008 endorses the candidacy of the Concerned Citizens Party's candidate Timm Knibbs.

This is yet another example of a pro-life Republican and just recently Rudy Giuliani, the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, won a poll as the best liked politician and has also won many presidential polls.


Timm Knibbs said...

Thank you for your endorsement. Can you fix the spelling of my name in your list of endorsements though.

Laura's Ramblings said...

I considered voting for Alan, but since he is pro-choice, I'll vote for Lieberman instead. I'd like to vote for a pro-lifer, but just don't know anything about Timm Knibbs and doubt he can win. Sorry Timm.

Anonymous said...

This is why the Republican Party deserves to suffer from the mortal wound of its stance of "pro-life" as the number one plank at the expense of individual liberty. None of the pro lifers address the question of how the jackboot thugs will enforce laws against abortion. But jack boot thugs is what it's going to take. Alan is probably for a significanlty smaller government than Timm. But the "end justifies the means" for you religious cultists, doesn't it?

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