Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Imperato: "Leading 2008 Presidential Candidate"

Daniel Imperato announced on July 21 of this year that he is an Independent candidate for President. In a headline of an article from the USPRwire he is labeled as the "Leading 2008 Presidential Candidate." Daniel Brooks is Imperato's running mate.

Imperato supports that all unregistered immigrants must registered with the by December 31, 2007 and that America should pull out 90% of our troops in Iraq by 2007. What does Imperato have to with either of these ideas? He would not be in office, or even close to being put in office, in 2007.

Imperato's campaign web site does not mention any thing about securing our boarders, which is the biggest door open to terrorists.

Right now, Imperato may be the "Leading 2008 Presidential Candidate" or least the leading independent candidate but, he still has a far ways to go before he could get my support.

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Anonymous said...

Imperato is focused on the issues that affect America not just his campaign in 2008. The fact is we need action now and if he can advocate action then he is going to do so. In addition, the way to make our borders safer is to give immigrants less reason to cross over. His plan is to introduce labor unions to industrializing nations such as Mexico and those in Latin America. Those countries need minimum wages and labor standards. By making conditions better there would be less need for flight into America, and with less people coming into America we can better utilize our existing security forces.

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