Thursday, November 16, 2006

Candidate Hargis Answers Questions

Independent Presidential candidate Bob Hargis answered these questions for The Conservative President 2008.

1. Why are you running for President?

Because I believe that I can represent America while being fair with respect to socioeconomics and social/political viewpoints. I am a critical decision maker by nature and by trade and have an unwavering ability to remain calm and objective. I have no political agendas, and my hope is for the nations well being, protection and prosperity. I desire only a better and more UNITED America .

2. What makes you the best choice for President?

I love this country and its people passionately. I am a servant. I believe that the USA should be united and that I am the type of facilitator that can work to make that change happen. I believe that fair government can only be accomplished when those who lead are not manipulated or controlled by money driven organizations. I am a leader who is non-biased, non-political and fair. I am positive, and I convey hope and optimism to those with whom I communicate. This country needs hope.

3. What do you think is the biggest problem with the Republicans and Democrats?

I believe that the bipartisan system has caused a power struggle that is based on power and money. The central focus of serving the people has been lost. As a result, this division has split our country in two. This line that has been drawn in the sand has weakened our infrastructure and brought unity and cooperation to an all time low. Both major parties are unable to see past their agendas to realize that we all live in his country together and that the spirit of cooperation is a must if we are to remain strong.

4. Do you consider yourself a social and fiscal conservative?

Yes and Yes

I have a moderately conservative view on most social issues. I am deeply rooted in my faith, but I am not judgmental towards those with differing opinions.

I am very fiscally conservative. I believe that spending our children’s future on interest for a foreign debt is irresponsible. I believe in wise and conservative spending, responsible budgeting and financial accountability for all areas of government spending.

5. What is the top issue your campaign is focused on?

My primary focus is on unity and non-partisan government that represents the voice and will of the American people.

6. If another candidate with similar views as yours were to arise, would you consider dropping out of the race?

Although not likely, I would not make that decision until I was well informed about another candidate with whom I had gained trust.
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