Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Candidates - Joe Schriner

This is the fourth in a series on announced candidates for the Presidency.

Joe Schriner is running his third independent campaign for the Presidency. Schriner doesn't really have a job currently. He received journalism degree from Bowling Green State University in 1983. From 1983-1990 Schriner was a family counselor and in 1990 he started a research trip through America. "Average Joe" Schriner has been campaigning for the White House since 1999.

When it comes to illegal immigration, Schriner supports amnesty, "During a talk at an Immigration Rally of some 300 people in Flagstaff, Arizona, I said my administration would push for amnesty for illegal immigrants and family reunification… In addition, I told the Santa Rosa News in New Mexico that I fell heavily on the side of social justice, and a Schriner administration would ardently work for a living wage, benefits and optimal working conditions for all new arrivals to the country…", his web site says.

On taxes Schriner wants to shrink the income tax , and he supports a "Let's Help More" voluntary tax.

When it comes to life and death, Schriner is aginst abortion, euthenasia and embryonic stem cell research but, he also opposes the death penalty.

To find out more about "Average Joe" Schriner logg onto his campaign web site, http://www.voteforjoe.com/.

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