Monday, November 20, 2006

Russo to Run As Republican in 2008?

Multi Party candidate Gene Chapmen's web site reports that Aaron Russo is planning to seek the Republican presidential nomination with the slogan "Save the Republic."

Russo lost the 2004 Libertarian presidential nomination and also lost 1998 Republican nomination for Governor of Nevada.

Russo is a film producer who most recently produced was America: From Freedom to Fascism, which recieved a good review from 2004 Constitution Vice Presidential nominee Chuck Baldwin.

Russo made these 12 statements about the two major parties during his 2004 campaign:

1. Both political parties lie to us, and neither can be trusted.

2. Our economy is a disaster.

3. We’re losing our right to free speech.

4. Both parties passed the Patriot Act, a crime against all Americans.

5. Both wage war against medical marijuana and alternative medicine.

6. Both attack our right to bear arms.

7. Both parties overtax, overspend, and over-regulate.

8. Where is the gold owned by the American people? Neither party will address this issue and we need answers.

9. Both parties station our troops around the world rather than protecting our borders from terrorism and illegal immigration.

10. Both parties are guilty of starting the war in Iraq.

11. Both parties want to keep our troops there indefinitely.

12. Both parties are equally guilty for America’s youth dying there for no reason.

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