Saturday, September 30, 2006

Randy Crow Answers Questions

Randy Crow is running for the 2008 Democratic Party nomination for President. Like Republican Michael Smith, Crow also lables himself as fiscal conservatve.

Crow has ran in a couple primarys and the Iowa caucus in 2000 and 2004 for the Democratic nomination.

Crow's Primary Votes (from the FEC)
New Hampshire: 29 (0.02%)
Louisania: 5,097 (3.24%)
New Hampshire: N/A
Texas: 6,338 (0.76%)

Mr. Crow the time to answer these questions for the Conservative President 2008.

1. Why are you running for President?

In 2000 I drove around Iowa and I ran in the Democratic Presidential Primaries in New Hampshire and Louisiana and in 2004 I drove around Iowa (someone needs to sit me down and explain Iowa to me because I have not figured it out yet) more and I ran in the Democratic Presidential Primaries in New Hampshire and Texas, so 2008 will not be my first rodeo. My web site Randy Crow Democrat for President, has been live since 1998 or so and usually I get 100,000 hits per month or so and this is more hits than even the so called big time candidates. So far I have spent over $70,000.00 of my own money running for political office, presently I am running for county commissioner and it is my 13 th election. I have bad mouthed Little George before bad mouthing Little George was cool. September 11 was obviously a scam. The bad guys are laying on the planet the lie three massive building were brought down by fuel catching on fire in two planes whose fuel could not have generated enough heat to bring down a one story building. Nuclear bombs had to have been detonated in the buildings to bring them down with very sophisticated delayed action built in to the math. Why? Why is the world being lied to on such a massive scale? There are a bunch of bad guys making war on the United States so they can destitute the American people to force us to lick their boots and be their slaves. There are many reasons I have run for President for the last seven years or so. I love America. I do not want to see Karl Rove type of Neocons steal and destroy a great country from great people because of their cheap near do well wannabe scams and lies.

2. Why should the Democrats nominate you as their candidate in 2008?

The so called big time Democratic candidates are manipulated by the bad guys and cannot make any change in the United States and the United States must change politically or the people will be licking the boots of and be slaves of the Neocons and bad guys. Karl Rove and the bad guys are infiltrating the Democratic Party as fast as can be for the sole purpose of creating a one party system in the United States. That’s communi$m, mi amigo. It is no accident Yalie Kerry conceded to Yalie Little George so quickly. I am the only Democratic Party candidate who has ties with or knows individuals who have ties to the money and power in this country who is not complicit with those who want to make the United States a one party system run by a super minority.

3. What do you see as one of the major problems facing America at this time?

Ottie $ulzberger of the New York Times and Craig Moon of USAToday and other media in this country making war on the states with their treasonous propaganda and lies. One of media biggest deceptions lately which is responsible for the deaths of many of our brave soldiers is the media writing as fact Hezbollah crossed over in to Israel and captured two Israeli Special Operations operatives. This makes no sense. Why would Lebanon holocaust itself? Numerous articles have been posted on the Internet stating Israeli operatives on a ("suicide," my opinion) mission crossed over in to Lebanon. (And started killing women and children for the purpose of giving Israel an excuse to holocaust Lebanon and expand the Mid East War. My opinion based on logic.) Logic dictates Hezbollah captured the Israeli operates to prove Israel crossed over in to Lebanon. Our media does not use the phrase "it is alleged Hezbollah crossed in to Israel" when they should. Big time media reporting questionable facts as fact is a major problem facing America at this time.

4. Where do you stand on social issues like abortion and gay rights?

I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. My mother told me any woman who allowed someone else tell her what she could and could not do with her body was an idiot, and I agree with her. This world has a choice. Stop the racism and prejudice or die. I believe gays should be able to have civil marriages. When a couple is married in a Church usually their union is blessed by the congregation and I believe in separation of church and state and I do not think the government should tell churches what they must do as far as marriage is concerned.

5. Do you think that if you become the Democrat's candidate that you will be able to get Republicans to vote for you?

I believe most Republicans think as I do and do not believe in the Karl Rove, Neocon, Father of Lies philosophy of “you are either with us or against us.” “’You are either with us or against us” translates into Republicans will be classified as terrorists, tried in tribunals in secrete without any US Constitutional rights, put in secrete prisons, tortured Abu Ghraib style, and their money transferred to the Father of Lies and the Neocons. Each day that passes comrade Father of Lies makes it clear all Republicans are expected to lick his boots and be his slave or die and this should make Republicans nervous. Republicans will not vote for me now. However, after the Father of Lies orders a long Colt 45 put to their temple and dry fired a few times, or watch enough nightly news, and the Dow Jones falls to $100 Republicans may have an attitude adjustment and consider voting for me.

6. If you lose the Democratic nomination, will you run as a third party candidate?

Through the years I have been asked this question and its purpose is usually to nullify me as a Democratic candidate. (When I am asked this question I start looking for Karl Rove. Observing Rove's opposition research for my present election is one of my past times.) My answer is "No, I will not run as a third party candidate." Many people find it hard to believe what I say and write but if one can see through comrade Ron Gun$berger’$ lies one will realize I never intentionally lie and I am very accurate. Keeping in mind I do make mistakes, in my opinion this country is much closer to the Neocons and bad guys declaring Marshall Law and the Father of Lies continuing to rule the USA with Neocon racism, hatred and lies. John Negroponte surely is forming death squads here. I am holding my breath that we have Presidential elections 2008!


Michael Smith said...

Just to clarify... Mr. Crow may embrace the label of "social liberal," but I do not. I consider myself a social libertarian. I allow for a wide variety of views on the social issues and believe government should stay out of those issues.

Michael Smith, Republican Candidate for President

Randy Crow said...

From time to time I read posts which concern me and try to set the record straight. The only item which needs changing is my mistake, Marshall law is incorrect. It should be Martial Law.

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