Friday, August 18, 2006

Why Boarders Need to Be Secured

The United State's boarders should be secured. With the rising threat of terrorism on US soil, it is imperative that the boarders are secured and stay secured.

With weakness in boarder patrol it will allow potential terrorist from other countries to cross over without being identified.

If the boarders are not secured, America will remain an easy to target for an attack.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Clinton and the Lieberman Campaign

In the 2006 Democratic Primary for Connecticut US Senate Hillary Clinton indorsed incumbent Joe Lieberman. Lieberman lost the nomination by about 3% and has announced that he will run as an Independent. Now that Lieberman is running as an Independent, Clinton has endorsed Ned Llamont for the Senate seat.

If Clinton thought that Lieberman was the better candidate in the primary then why is she not supporting him now? This is proof that if elected President, Hillary Clinton will not be a moderate, like she wants to appear to be now, but she will do whatever party leaders want to be done.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lieberman Right On Running As Independent

Last night Senator Joe Lieberman lost the Democratic nomination for US Senator from Connecticut. Lieberman was first elected in 1988.

In losing the nomination Lieberman announced that he will run as an Independent. In 2008 we need a candidate, like Lieberman, that will not be afraid to leave his/her party and run as a third party if the cause arises.

If the Republicans run a liberal candidate in 2008, I say that a third party candidate is the answers.

A third party conservative candidate will not take votes away from the Republican Party, the liberal candidate will be cause of votes not be given to the Republican party.
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