Friday, July 27, 2007

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Gilbert Would Oppose Ron Paul As GOP Candidate

Gilbert Would Oppose Ron Paul As GOP Candidate
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Constitution Party Front Runner

Read my article on the Constitution Party front runner HERE.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gilmore No Longer A Candidate, Considering Run for State Office

Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore has quit his campaign for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination and is now considering running for either US Senate in '08 or running for another term as governor in 2009.

Gilmore told the Politico that "Because of the front-loading of the primaries, I would have basically had to stop campaigning and spend full time organizing hundreds of people to raise money for me."

Corsi Won't Be Running

Jerome Corsi will not be seeking the presidential nomination of the Constitution Party in 2008.

World Net Daily Reports:

WND columnist Jerome Corsi has decided to not accept a draft by the National Veterans Coalition of the Constitution Party to run for the party's presidential nominee in 2008.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

John Bootie (I) Answers Questions

Independent presidential candidate John Bootie answered these questions for the Conservative President 2008.

1. Why are you running for President?

When I was growing up it was a boy's dream to be president or astronaut or baseball player. I believe in the saying either your part of the solution or your part of the problem.. I believe I have the ability to do this Job as well as and I believe even better than the candidates I have seem say their running so far... I am not saying I have more experience I am saying I believe we honestly need New Blood in the Office. Someone who is not a so called insider.

2. Why are you the best choice for President?

I am single so I can devote my entire energies to the Office. I am fiscally responsible, Social Conservative! Ultra Conservative when it comes to money, and Hard Line when it comes to this Nations defense.. I am Willing to make the Hard choices no matter the Political winds or what polls say. As I say in my profile, if I don't TRY to make the changes I run ON. I wouldn't run again. This doesn't mean if I can't get them done because of partisan politics. I know their will be a hard fought fight to get this government on a new track for reform. I just hope these people in Washington are ready for a guy like me.

3. What is one of the top issues of your campaign?

My top two are both very important so I would say both.

War on Terror
Continue the WAR against terror, give General Petreus a full and unfettered go ahead to fight terror anyway HE SEE'S fit and needed to WIN. Have him remove the gloves and allow NO TIME TABLE to get out of Iraq or any country that is a terror hot spot. Go on a Media and Fighting blitz that would over shadow the Media's attempts to spin the war as wrong. Start a media campaign on the Internet to show every single good thing done in Iraq.

Border Security
Close the border with Mexico until we can control when and if people come in to our country. NO legal or illegal entry until the day, WE control the rate and legality of the people coming in to the USA . Give Anwar to the American Indians to pump for oil. This way there will be less government restrictions, and the environmentalists can not stop the development of domestic oil. Make a deal with the oil companies to build 2 refineries just over the border in Mexico. This deal would include a pay wage that would be at least equal to US refineries. This way the environmentalists can’t stop the building because of a bird, bug or snail. This would make a two way JOBS deal and help improve the problem of Illegal Aliens flowing into the USA trying to find better jobs. I'll push the use of Bio-diesel fuels, Ethanol-85, the production of coal to fuel and wind and solar powers as well.

4. Why not run for the nomination of a party such as the Constitution Party?

I did try contacting the Constitution Party twice. I emailed them and since there headquartered here in Lancaster, Pa. I called and left a message asking the founder Jim Clymer to call me back but received no reply either time. I know I am not a perfect match for the Constitution Party but I thought it worth giving us a chance to see if we are a possible match on most issues.

5. Do you think you can win?

Do I think I can win? YES!!!! If I didn't, why would I be in the race? The great part of our system is everyone has a right to run. It's the people who then decide on who they like the best. And who they think can do the Job the best. I know it's a long hard up hill battle since I can't get any of the Major media's outlets attention as of yet. But that's the beauty of the Internet. The Internet is far more powerful than the media today. The Internet is able to reach far more people and at a quicker pace. And often far more accountable and accurate.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Jackson Would Like Giuliani Running Mate

During my interview tonight Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Jackson said that Rudy Giuliani would make a good Vice President.

Find out why by listening the program in the archives at

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Jackson Interview TONIGHT

Saturday, July 07, 2007

June 30th Multi Party Debate

Jon Greenspon (NAIP), Don Grundmann (C), Christine Smith (L) and Richard Smith (R) debate, listen to the debate in the archives by going to

Adams Challenges Tancredo, Lays Out Immigration Plan

Challenge to Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo from Independent presidential candidate Steve Adams.

Conservative President 2008 Returns

After about a month of calling it quits for CP '08 I've decided to take it back up again. Be on the look out for frequent updates and be sure to tune into This Is Politics Radio Mondays at 8:00 PM (EST) at
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