Friday, October 06, 2006

Rev. Chuck Baldwin on the Republican Party and Possible Run for the White House

Rev. Chuck Baldwin was the Constitution Party's 2004 nominee for Vice President. Baldwin is the pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, the host of a radio program, Chuck Baldwin Live, and is columnist for Alan Keyes' Renew America web site.

Rev. Baldwin took the time to answer these question for The Conservative President 2008.

1. Where do you think the Republican Party is headed?

If the Democratic Party wasn't so liberal and out of touch with average Americans, the GOP would already be reduced to cinders. The only thing that keeps the GOP afloat is the absurd liberalism of Democrats in Washington, D.C. The question is, how long will the American people put up with the bumbling, stumbling, GOP? I personally believe the GOP will continue to self-destruct.

2. Do you think that you could support any of the potential 2008 Republican nominees for President?

I could not support any of the Republicans that I have heard mentioned as potential candidates in 2008. I love Tom Tancredo for what he is doing to fight illegal immigration, but I would need to learn more about where he stands on other issues. Republicans I believe I could support would include men such as Judge Roy Moore, Pat Buchanan, Alan Keyes, or Ron Paul. Unfortunately, the Republican leadership will never allow men such as these to obtain the nomination. At the center, establishment Republicans care no more for genuine conservative principles than Democrats.

3. Do you think that the Republican Party will ever be what you would call a conservative party?

No. I believe it has crossed the point of no return. The GOP has become nothing more than a second big-government, big-spending party. Only at election time do most Republicans even mention conservative causes, and that is only for the purpose of obtaining the votes of gullible conservatives. When one examines the true record of what has happened in Washington, D.C., since the GOP took control in 2000, an argument could be made that the GOP is in practice more liberal than the Democratic Party. That is why I left the GOP in 2004 and became an Independent.

4. If a candidate were to arise that was right on every issue but is pro-choice, is that a good enough reason not to vote for that candidate?

I could not personally support any person who would not use the power of his or her office to protect innocent human life in the womb. By the same token, neither could I support a candidate who is right on the life issue but wrong on other essential issues such as illegal immigration, gun control, constitutional government, and internationalism.

5. Will you run for President in 2008?

Funny you should ask. By virtue of the fact that I was the Vice Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party in 2004, I have been asked this question quite often - especially lately. I have learned to never say never, but I have no desire to run. I have a very busy schedule, a growing church ministry, and many pressing obligations. Beyond that, I am not wealthy and can see little prospect of being able to raise the funds necessary for such a campaign. In order for me to even consider running in 2008 would require several "miraculous" signs of reassurance that, frankly, I cannot see happening. However, I am always open to God's will. I did not seek or desire the Vice Presidential nomination of the Constitution Party in 2004, either.


M Creech said...

The only thing that will save this country is to go third [constitution] party with a man with the morals and principals that Pastor Chuck Baldwin has. Now lets GIT ER DONE!!

Anonymous said...

Please do not support a third party. The result will be a division within conservatives, and the liberals will have a much better chance to win the presidential race. I fear a Clinton president with a liberal majority in the senate house.

chris campbell said...

He has my support!!

Chris Campbell
CPNC Chairman

Anonymous said...

Chuck Baldwin is my second choice for POTUS behind Ron Paul.

Now Chuck is the nominee and Ron Paul is running down to the end of the cul de sac.


Anonymous said...

Please do not support a third party. The result will be a division within conservatives, and the liberals will have a much better chance to win the presidential race. I fear a Clinton president with a liberal majority in the senate house.

If you pull the lever for Juan McCain, you are not a Conservative and maybe not an American.

Anonymous said...

We should vote for the right candidate and not the one who we think can win. If we all voted for the best candidate, then what do we have to fear?

Chris said...

What is this I hear from some people that they might “sit out” the Presidential election or vote third party because they aren’t comfortable with the major party choice of candidates?

Since when are elections supposed to make us “comfortable?” Since when do we exercise that right to vote, for which people fought and died, only when it’s easy and clear-cut, and our choices are just the way we want them to be?

What we fail to do can make us just as guilty as what we do. A sin is a wrong choice, and to decide not to do something is just as much of a choice as to decide to do something.

A sin of omission is still a sin – and we are still responsible for the results.

What, then, makes us think that we are more responsible for the results of voting than for the results of not voting?

A vote is not a philosophical statement. It is a transfer of power. It is a pragmatic act to preserve, as much as possible under the circumstances, the common good, and to limit the evils that threaten it.

And in the pragmatic matter of elections, what matters is not how closely a candidate measures up to my preferences and convictions. Instead, it’s a question of who can and will actually get elected. It does little good if the person I felt most comfortable supporting doesn’t get to actually govern and implement those positions I like so much. A candidate, no matter how good, if not elected cannot do good.

The vote can be used just as much to keep someone out of office as to put someone in.

If we fail to use that tool, however, and as a result the person who gets elected is far worse and does far more damage than the other person we did not like, then we still share responsibility for the damage that will be done.

Elections have seasons. In the earliest phases, the field is wide open. We can recruit candidates, or decide to run ourselves. We build up the name recognition and base of support for the person or people who would make the best candidate. This takes years of work.

Then the season of primaries arrives, during which voters choose between the candidates who have been recruited and who have been building up their strength.

Then the general election season arrives, and we may find that we don’t like any of the names on the ballot. At that point, we have to shift our thinking and focus on “better” rather than “best.” The reality usually is that one of several unsatisfactory candidates will in fact be elected. So we use our vote to create the better outcome and to limit the damage. That’s the shift that some fail to make.

And we are still responsible for what we fail to do.

*NB: Based on an article by Fr Frank Pavone.

(I for one, plan to vote for John McCain this November.)

Suzie said...

What we are responsible for in this 2008 election is to exercise our right to vote and then to be knowledgeable enough to vote responsibly. The results are not ours, but Gods. And my God is a big God who can and will do great things. If we as conservatives and as Christians will do our part, then God will surely do his part.

I cannot vote for Clinton, Obama, or McCain as they are one and the same. I am a Christian, a conservative and am anti abortion, anti homosexual, anti illegl immigration, anti anything NAO, pro gun ownership, pro God in schools and every aspect of life, pro USA sovereignty,and a true American. Therefore my vote is for Chuck Baldwin.

Anonymous said...


McCain won the nomination because many of the earlier primary states allow democrats and independents to vote for republicans. His actual republican support was never at the level of either Romney or Huckabee. Your logic would have us voting for a man who's shown open disdain for conservatives, purely because DEMOCRATS forced us to.

Your logic would have us choose between Hitler and Stalin, if they were the two major party candidates. Personally, I draw the line far sooner than that disturbing choice. I hold every candidate to a few basic, non-negotiable, criteria. If they favor the legalized murder of children, I can't vote for them. If they favor confiscation of arms, I can't vote for them. If they favor the transfer of our sovereignty to a foreign entity, I can't vote for them.

If you believe it's a "sin" to refuse to vote for someone who advocates murder, that's your right. But it's the position of a man who values political power over human life.

There's something you're missing in your analysis. There's a possible outcome that you've failed to recognize. This country has a large, and growing, contingent of people so disenfranchised that they're willing to revolt. After being forced into an election where the "conservative" candidate is left of center, that contingent is growing faster than ever. Where you're trying to avert a political setback, those of us supporting a SECOND party are trying to avert a revolution.

People will tolerate a surprising number of injustices, if they believe they've chosen them. But in this election, even the illusion of any choice has been removed. We're trying rectify that situation.

Anonymous said...

the Internet will permit Chuck Baldwin to win the Presidency. Look what Ron Paul and his supporters were able to accomplish without talk show host or MSM support - they have shown the way!
Voter dissatisfaction with the two major parties, and with Bush and the Congress is at unprecedented levels nationally. Look what Jesse Ventura was able to accomplish with a similar set of such voters.
We can have a successful grassroots conservative revolution and break this two-party monopoly.
Pressure Rush, Sean, et al, and Fox News to cover Candidate Baldwin - or why should we just listen to more coverage by them of those we are sick of hearing about? We conservatives want to vote FOR someone who is a trustworthy and principled person - NOT AGAINST one of the current three losers! Given those three choices, "None of the above" would win in a landslide!
To win, we just need to show those on the sidelines that voting for a candidate that is not a Republicrat is not a wasted vote - but a vote for a return to a government by We the People! Both the Democratic and Republican brands are ruined - never to be trusted again!

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in supporting Rev. Baldwin's presidential campaign and you want to join the grassroots effort, visit

Burticus said...

The three stooges, Hussein Osama, Hitlery Rotten and Juan McAmnesty, will all continue the destruction of America.

The GOP leaders and career politicians, their globalist big-money handlers and corporate media cartel will make sure Ron Paul does not get the R party nomination, and Dr. Paul refuses to accept the nominations of the Constitution and Libertarian Parties. This leaves Chuck Baldwin as our only hope to elect a solid constitutionalist for President.

Anonymous said...

Chuck has got my vote in 08. (Since Ron Paul will not be on the ballot)

Anonymous said...

Chuck Baldwin will coalesce true Conservatives; not cause a division. Just because candidates have an "R" beside their name does not make them Conservatives. Republicans are Democrats of another party. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Baldwin '08 all the way

Mark K

Anonymous said...

vote mccain

Tammy- just a mom said...

If you do not vote for John McCain, you have several other choices on the ballot. One is Chuck Baldwin, who on the surface seems to be an honorable, Bible-believing conservative. However, I question his judgement. In August 2007, he said: "Conservative Republicans have only one choice for President in 2008: Ron Paul."
(See article at And I have deep misgivings about Ron Paul, who is a self-proclaimed libertarian. If you research the platform (See FAQs at of the Libertarian party, you will find some very troubling items: legalizing drugs, legalizing prostitution, no restrictions on what is printed or shown on TV, etc, no military presence outside our borders, relaxing immigration restrictions, pro-abortion. Why would a Christian support such a candidate? Other choices suggested such as Alan Keyes or Ron Paul himself are not even listed on the official Minnesota ballot. And unless they submit a request prior to the election, any write-ins of these candidates will not even be counted but tossed aside. And who is really benefiting from that?

planetkram said...

you guys thinking you're making a difference by choosing a 3rd party aren't too bright.

You DO have THREE choices. .

[A] McCain
[B] Obama
[C] stay home and dont vote.

putting down a name other than Obama or McCain is wasting your vote.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans and Democrats have staff that posts on these websites, and make statements like please don't vote for third parties because it just makes another party less like yourself likely to win. But would you say, please don't worship Jesus because it makes it less likely that one of Satan's minions more like yourself will win? I think not. Use logical reasoning and vote your conscience, not your brain wash.


Don't listen to people who tell you not to vote for a third-party candidate for any supposed scandal because the media has the power of suggestion and can crush candidates through gossip and rumor. Remember that we voted for Bush 2x and nothing could possibly be that bad from a third party candidate since they face a division of power including the Senate, house, and judicial party. Don't be afraid to vote your conscience.


Fellow Americans,

Those who retort with insults to comments seeking to raise consciousness of alternative thinking are attacks by people already holding power and attempting to keep it, those wolves in sheeps clothing.


Do not listen to those who say your candidate should have experience in politics. Isn't it true that a medical doctor can repair a dog's leg? Why should you only take your dog to a vet, when there are alternatives. A pastor is a leader, and there is plenty of support staff to assist. It takes about three months of training to learn your job on average, but a president has four years to get it right. The republicans will give you a president that takes eight years and still gets it wrong. The democrates will give you one candidate who will lead this nation farther from it's religious foundation. Vote your conscience, not your brain wash.

Ronda of Colorado said...

I have read and pondered over everything I can find about Chuck Baldwin.

I was beginning to think I wasn't going to vote because both Obama and McCain are in support of things I just cannot support.

I am a Christian and feel that if it is Gods will that I vote for anyone, that it should be for someone who does NOT support Abortion rights, government funded stem cell research, Same sex "Marriage". I will be praying constantly that Gods will be done and that everyone who has Christian morals and serves God will do the same. Don't settle for any evil.

My vote will be for Chuck Baldwin on November 4th.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that people still want a Christian theocracy.I can tell this guy wants to take us back to the 50's.You know,when women were told they were only good as housewives,black people were treated like secondclass citizens and when gay people were victims of the Christian hate propaganda that was so prevalent in the 50's.I am proud we are moving forward with gay rights,that now women have a choice and non-white people are no longer separated from white people.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian the one thing that determines my support above all others is whether a candidate supports abortion under any circumstance or is genuinely Pro-Life. There's no such thing as a pro-lifer who still believes it's justifiable to murder a baby victim in the case of rape, incest, or "to save the life of the mother." Murder is murder is murder. What would you think of a mother who let her child drown so she could live. You'd call her an evil monster. Every day 5000 American souls are snuffed out by their own mommies in a genocide that's been named "Abortion." We have never been party loyal. Our vote for Chuck Baldwin is not a wasted vote. A vote for any man other than a God-fearing man (regardless of party affiliation) is a wasted vote. Evil is evil. It's a stinging indictment against Christians who are rejecting a God-fearing candidate (Baldwin) in favor of the candidate with the "best chance of winning." This may be the last election we actually have the opportunity to vote for a God-fearing man. Those who vote for McTraitor and his embarrassing lying feminist cohort are voting for evil. Doing the right thing isn't always popular, but it is always right. The Christian cowards who refuse to vote for truly God-fearing men can not blame the world, but only themselves. For the country falls only after the family and then the Church. Someone brought up the Libertarian party issue. A true Christian could never support a Libertarian candidate. We have famous brothels not far away and families actually choose to live down the street from them (even "churches" are nearby-and the wickedness only increases...Hmmmm). Think "Bunny Ranch" amongst others in the vicinity. The typical fornicator/adulterer spends nearly $200 a visit to these moral sewer pits and you can bet more than a few are married. It's apparent that the majority of Christians have sold their souls to the devil for expediency. For these are the same who place their precious gifts of God in the government-run indoctrination centers (AKA public schools) and then wonder why their babies grow up rejecting Jesus Christ and eternal life for the pleasures of sin for a season in this life. This is serious! Without repentance and trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation they will end up in Hell. This isn't a game. This is a battle for souls. How corrupt and sinful to care more about the wicked liking us as Christians than to share the Gospel truth and reality of Hell with the lost. Jesus spoke of Hell more than of Heaven. Has the servant somehow become greater than his Master? For the sake of souls on their way to Hell I pray not. Politics is only relevant to us if there remains a Christian to support, but even so it is never to be placed above our one duty to share the Gospel with the lost. For men cannot change unless first their hearts are changed and that comes by the hearing of the Gospel, repenting, and placing their trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord, Saviour, and Messiah. Please...Don't leave your conscience or faith at home when you vote and don't allow yourself to be cowed into voting for evil.

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