Monday, October 16, 2006

Draft Buchanan 2008 Ends (Again)

The effort to draft Pat Buchanan has come to an end, again, and for the last time. The web site,, reported that it was ending once and then it came back again not long after it ended. When Paul Streitz, the chairman of the draft, received word from Buchanan himself he called it quits.

Streitz released this statement to the Conservative President 2008:

"I don't see any sense in starting it again. I never thought that Buchanan would so squash it. Most people who are thinking of running or have it in the realm of possibility, do not mind a draft campaign because it allows enthusiasm to build, it allows them to test the waters and if there is support to go ahead. If not, they have lost nothing. But to stop a draft campaign means to me that the proposed candidate does not want to hold office. That is, if the draft campaign gained a lot of momentum, the proposed candidate would still refuse.

At this point, I don't see trying to draft anyone else. No one came close to Buchanan in terms of suitability for the office and the ability to gain support. Someone is just going to have to emerge."

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