Monday, October 02, 2006

Long Shot Republican Answers Questions

Alan Bunch is running for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

Bunch is pro-life even takes a stand on how many legal immigrants should be allowed into the US, "We should allow only 150,000 legal immigrates into our country per year and they should be of the highest caliber people. People that would enrich out country such as Phd’s in the sciences," his web site says.

Bunch answered these questions for The Conservative President 2008.

1. Why are you running for President?

I think that our current moody in Washington is to do what they want and only appease the public when it’s election time. I plan, if elected, to do the dirtiest of dirty tricks. That is to stand by my campaign promises and get them done.

2. Why should Republicans nominate you as their candidate for President?

If it is what the American people want then the Republican Party should nominate me. Even as an unknown, if there is a grassroots movement happening I think they would notice and get behind it. If a better known person take up my stance on the issues I might be willing to bow out after all for me it is not about ego but about the issues.

3. What do you see as a major issue facing America at this time?

You really need to look at my website I have as many issues stated there both in the ‘Issues and what I think section’ and the first section ‘Fortress American’
Well, ‘securing the border is the number one issue for me. If 150,000 people and 80% of the illegal drugs can move across the border than what else is being moved across the border. Fully automatic weapons (Guns)? Explosives? A Nuke? Who knows? But we have got to get a handle on this problem.

4. If you lose the Republican nomination, will you run as a Third Party candidate for President?

It would depend on what the people want. If a large amount of the public wanted me to run I might. But that would depend on the American people.


Anonymous said...

What's up? The links go to some joker named Alan Bunch - not John Jones (is that an alias?).

The FEC database doesn't list Bunch and I couldn't verify Jones.

Are you yanking our chains with this?

usa2008 said...

There was some confusion in e-mails but, I have fixed the problem. Sorry for the confusion.

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