Friday, October 13, 2006

Candidates - John Cox

This is the first in a series of articles on announced candidates for President.

Chicago businessman John Cox is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. Cox has not been elected to public office before but, has served as the President of the Cook County Republicans. Cox came in 5th when he sought the Republican nomination for Congressman from Illinois 10th district and 3rd place for the 2002 Republican nomination for Illinois US Senator, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections web site.

John Cox stands firm on moral issues, "John Cox is Pro-Life and isn't afraid to lead on this important moral issue," his web site proclaims. Cox is also opposed to both gay marriage and civil unions and is supporter of the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Cox does oppose the death penalty, "He says that although he wouldn't try to change death-penalty laws, he opposes capital punishment with one exception: war crimes," the Chicago Tribune reported on March 3, 2002. This issue is where I disagree with Mr. Cox. If a person is guilty of murder, that person should be given the death penalty.

Cox has been busy campaigning in early primary/caucus sates and is leading in news coverage among announced candidates for the Republican presidential nomination.
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Anonymous said...

This guy's winning over more and more people all the time.

John's been to Iowa 10 times, New Hampshire 8 times, and South Carolina 5 times. He's got organizations in 13 states, volunteer coordinators in 104 counties across the nation, and has been featured in an LA Times article.

Yes, he's still a "longshot" but people are starting to take notice.

And if he had been elected in Illinois (where Dick Durban and Jesse Jackson Jr get large majorities) I would question who in the party elite there he has sucked up to in order to gain favor, and wouldn't vote for him.

As it stands, we need an outsider who is credible and can make a difference. John Cox is the man.

Anonymous said...

I heard him at a recent event and he makes a good deal of sense.

Anonymous said...

I like this John Cox guy I think he has a good chance. It was a good thing he came out early, if he gets into the debates he will def. get a shot at this thing

Tim C. (NH) said...

People are really starting to take notice of the Cox message in NH. John appeals to the true conservative and responsible ideals of New Hampshire. John understands that government of by and for the people must not be abandoned to the power of the media or special interests. People oft complain that politics is dirty, but, if enough of them banded together and voted for the guy who was right rather than the guy with the money, we'd all be better off because of it. It's about principle, not power-politics. I urge all true patriots and conservatives to stand up for what is right and vote John Cox for President in the primary and in 2008. The campaign now has 22 states organized, including the newest states of Maine,Missouri, and Florida. America is waking up, and you should as well.

Forward_USA said...

I am the Tennessee State Coordinator for John Cox and I believe in what his message presents. If John gets into the debates this election will be like a walk in the park for him. John has a huge chance but the media does not want America to have someone like John someone with TRUE Conservative Values. VOTE JOHN COX 2008!!! Also check out my blog

Anonymous said...

I also like what this guy has to say. Romney/McCain, look out!

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by a talking head, John Cox is an arrogant, self-serving ass. I've dealt with him a few times and the only compassion he has is for his checkbook. I don't care what his platform is, his integrity is lacking.

Anonymous said...

John Cox is a slumlord with no regard for his tenants, I would be afraid to trust him with real issues.

Campaign Chairman said...

John is pro life all the way. He would be accused of being a hypocrit if he was for the death penalty. The man votes his conscience, not his political favors play book, for he does not have one. John is paying for his campaign himself plus donations. The Fairtax Organization is he only special interest he will support. Since special interest groups do not control his campaign, he can focus on the best conservative issues like no other candidate can without fear, the Fairtax is a great example.

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