Saturday, March 24, 2007

Campagna on '08 Election

2004 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Richard Campagna answered these questions for the Conservative President 2008.

1. Where do you think the two major parties are headed?

In a direction that does not make me very proud. I am disheartened by theway they behave.

2. Do you think that you could support any of the potential 2008 Republican or Democratic nominees for President?

Yes, many of them express libertarian principles towards which I am sympathetic. Many of them have personal styles and philosophies of life which are congruent with my own.

3. Michael Badnark, your running mate in 2004, says that Libertraians should get behind Ron Paul's Republican candidacy, what do you think?

I thinkthat is a very wise idea. Ron Paul is the essence of a "mainstream libertarian."

4. Will you be seeking the 2008 Libertarian Presidential nomination, and if not who would you like to see become the next LP candidate?

I will definitely NOT be seeking the 2008 Libertarian Presidential nomination. I think Ron Paul would make a fine standard bearer for the LP, whether he gets the Republican nomination or not.

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