Friday, March 09, 2007

Gingrich On '98 Affair

Potential Republican presidential nominee Newt Gingrich is reportedly going to speak on his extramarital affair with House aid Callista Bisek, his current wife who is 20 years younger then he is.

Gingrich was having the affair at the same time of Bill Clinton's impeachment but according the transcript of the show where Gingrich will be speaking with Lou Dobson of Focus on the Family, the former House speaker says he is not a hypocrite:

"The president of the United States got in trouble for committing a felony in front of a sitting federal judge. I drew a line in my mind that said, 'Even though I run the risk of being deeply embarrassed, and even though at a purely personal level I am not rendering judgment on another human being, as a leader of the government trying to uphold the rule of law, I have no choice except to move forward and say that you cannot accept ... perjury in your highest officials."

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