Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bay Buchanan Joins Tancredo Campaign

Bay Buchanan, sister of past presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, has left her job at CNN to become the Senior Adviser of Tom Tancredo's presidential campaign.

In an e-mail sent out by the Tancredo campaign Buchanan says "I want to tell you why I am endorsing Tom and why I am going to do everything in my power to see that Tom Tancredo wins this nomination. First, Tom is a man of principle and integrity; he says what he believes and believes what he says. This alone sets him apart from the crowd in Washington and certainly from among the media designated 'top-tier' in this race."

Buchanan went onto say that "The Tancredo campaign is about the kind of America we want to leave to our children. It is too important a cause for us to leave to chance. And so, I am pledging my time and effort to see that Tom Tancredo is the next President of the United States."

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