Friday, March 16, 2007

Gilmore on the Front Runners

Jim Gilmore claims that he is the only "real conservative" in the race for the Republican nomination and he gave his thoughts on the three front-runners for the nomination:

John McCain:

"He has fought conservatives time after time, even invoking the rhetoric of class warfare to oppose the Bush tax cuts."

Rudy Giuliani:

"He supports gun control; says just as a motorist can be required to have a license, a gun owner can be required to have one as well. And in 1994 he supported (Democrat) Mario Cuomo for governor of New York. Mario Cuomo! "

Mitt Romney:

"In 1992 he supported (Democrat) Paul Tsongas for president of the United States. Paul Tsongas! "


Anonymous said...

Gilmore is obviously ignoring Ron Paul and Jim Clymer.

Worldviews Revolution said...

Exactly, anonymous. Ron Paul is most certainly a true conservative, and one who is active in Congress at that.

Many people adopt conservative or "the next Reagan" rhetoric to get elected, but it seems Paul is not afraid to walk the talk.

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