Monday, October 02, 2006

Draft Buchanan 2008 Chariman Answers Questions

Paul Streitz, chairman of Draft Buchanan 2008 answered these three questions for The Conservative President 2008.

1. Why should Pat Buchanan become the Republican candidate in 2008?

He is the only Republican candidate that is willing to confront the three most importan issues of the country: a) the massive invasion of the United States by illegals; 2) the destruction of American industry and loss of our industrial base; 3) the over extension of American forces from protection of the country, to establishing democracies etc.

2. In 2000, Buchanan ran as the Reform Party candidate against George W. Bush, do you think he could gain the support of the Republican Party again?

Yes. But politics is not asking. Politics is a form of warfare. It is developing your money, supporters, voters etc.. There are enough open primaries where Buchanan can win and gain enough delegates to sweep the convention. Take a look at our website.

3. If Buchanan loses the nomination, would you like to see him run as an Independent or third party candidate again?

You would have to ask him that. However, I think in some of his writings, he has said that running on a third party ticket was a mistake.

But I am not prepared to ask any disastrous, what if, questions. Losing is in my mind out of question. If we lose, and put in a compromising President, we are going to absolutely dissolve this country in a MexAmerica and you can forget about the United States you once knew. This is like WWII, we simply cannot lose this election. It has been my thought since 2001 that we have to control the Executive and enforce our laws.

Hope that answers you questions. You can register for our newsletter at our website. To receive a bumper sticker, sign up as a volunteer.

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