Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Candidates - Duncan Hunter

This is a third in a series of articles on announced candidates for 2008 Presidency.

Duncan Hunter is the latest to join the field of announced candidates for the 2008 Republican nomination.

Hunter is currently seeking re-nomination to California's 42nd Congressional seat, which he first won in 1980. Hunter is currently the chairman of the Armed Services Committee and in 2005 introduced the H.R. 552 The Right to Life Act stating the purpose of the bill is "implement equal protection ... for the right to life of each born and preborn human person," according to Wikipedia. Hunter also voted yes that illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment should be reported and voted yes on providing tax relief. To see where Duncan Hunter stands on other issues log onto On the Issues.

Hunter does not yet have a presidential campaign web site.


Anonymous said...

In his 26 years in the House, Rep. Hunter has become one of the biggest pork-barrel spenders in Washington.

He gets low ratings from the National Taxpayers Union and the Club for Growth.

His reckless spending disqualifies him in my book as a "conservative" candidate for president.

We don't need a career politician in the White House. We need an outsider who's a fiscal and social conservative and who can unite us as a party and a people, like Ronald Reagan did.

Hunter ain't that guy. He's the past, and he's what's wrong with the party, not what's right with it.

Anonymous said...

Funny...I've seen this exact comment left several other places as well. Duncan Hunter is a solid candidate and he'd make a good Prez.

Anonymous said...

Hunter indeed has a website, with two downloadable 30-second TV ads.

His site is

So far, he is the most promising candidate in the field, imho.

Anonymous said...

PeaceThroughStrenghtPac.com (Hunter's site)

Derek Sire said...


Duncan Hunter's Site is:


He has a Youtube channel at:


Go Duncan Hunter!

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