Monday, October 30, 2006

Gilmore Not Likely to Run

Former Conservative Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore (R) is not likely to run for President in 2008.

"Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore seemingly ruled out a presidential bid today when he said his future options could be a run for the U.S. senate or bid to return to the governor's mansion." The Leesburg Today reported on October 20.

Draft Gilmore for President is still underway, "Governor Gilmore, we call upon you to answer the call of the American people and the grassroots volunteers across America and seek the Republican nomination for President," an open letter to Gilmore, posted on the Draft Gilmore web site, says.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but Gilmore later said he was keeping the option open during a trip to Iowa:

Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore, who had earlier denied that his return to the political spotlight was in preparation for a possible Republican presidential bid, gave renewed hope to the crowd, reports. Gilmore followed up a recent visit to South Carolina with a trip to Iowa, and appeared more open to the idea when asked about his future plans.

"Well, I certainly haven't told anybody that I'm making a challenge for the White House in 2008," Gilmore said. "But I have encouragement from people around the United States to do that and also of course in my own state for a state office, for governor again or the United States Senate."

Anonymous said...

He should run for Senate in VA, where he's known, and where he can win, based on his record and name recognition.

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