Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cox Sends Letter to Social Conservatives

Republican presidential hopeful John Cox has written a letter posted on his website to social conservatives.

In the letter the Chicago businessman says: "While there are several candidates that have decent pro life and pro family records, equally clear is that many of these candidates are lacking in fiscal matters, have made seriously deficient statements in the past in regard to enforcing our immigration laws or have been members of a U.S. Congress that disappointed many conservatives in regard to the growth of government or addressing our serious challenges."

Cox also lists several reasons why he should be considered for the presidency. Among the reasons is: "I am a solid fiscal and social conservative with a long record of activism - an original member of the Club for Growth (Jack Kemp, Steve Forbes, Larry Kudlow,, a longtime pro life and pro family activist (a member of and supporter of the Knights of Columbus, Illinois Family Institute, Pro Life Action League)."

Cox has not appeared yet in any of the national news media debates but was included in the Values Voter Debate, has appeared on Tucker on MSNBC, and will make his first appearance on a national news media debate on MSNBC in November.

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