Friday, January 12, 2007

Ron Paul Is Running

Congressman and 1988 Libertarian Presidential nominee Ron Paul has announced he will be forming an exploratory committee for the 2008 Republican nomination.

"There's no question that it's an uphill battle, and that Dr. Paul is an underdog, but we think it's well worth doing and we'll let the voters decide," the Associated Press reported Kent Synder, chairman of the exploratory committee, as saying.

Paul has served nine terms in congress as a Republican but, is not very popular withe national Republican Party. As the AP said, "he describes himself as a lifelong Libertarian running as a Republican."

Paul's candidacy could attract members of both the Constitution and Libertarian parties to go to the GOP to vote for the Congressman in the primaries.


Anonymous said...

Thank God...finally somebody I can vote for without puking.

Daniel said...

Ron Paul wont win he is too liberal for the Republican Party just like John McCain, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani. The Republicans will elect someone like Condi Rice (if she runs) and if she doesn't John Cox will win.

Conservative President 2008, Editor said...

Ron Paul is a much stronger conservative on social issues than John McCain.

Condi Rice would have a harder time getting the backing of social conservatives.

Joe said...

I wouldn't vote for McCain, Romney Giuliani, Rice, or Cox for dog catcher.

Ron Paul offered H.R. 776, which only go so far as to repudiate the theory of a constitutional right to abortion, as a substitute for the Right To Life Act of 2005 because he doesn't believe that the Constitution addresses the matter or that the federal government has the power to do so. This is quite different from the position Michael Peroutka campaigned on in 2004 in which he promised to end all legal abortion in America on his first day in office if elected.

Ryan Brennan ( said...

On January 17, Ron Paul gave his first radio interview since the announcement of his bid for the 2008 presidency. He appeared on the Alex Jones show, interviewed by Jack Blood. Listen here.

AntiLiber said...

Ron Paul is a libertarian extremist who wants to end all government, and is amoral on all social issues.

The Cukoo for Cocoa Puffs platform. NOT a conservative by any stretch.

He should have run for the Libernut party nomination.

Joe said...

Paul hardly wants to end all government, nor is he a "libertarian extremist." He even voted for government price fixing of prescription drugs.

David Macko said...

Ron Paul is a staunchly pro-life Constitutionalist and is in no way a"liberal" or amoral. For his constitutionalist voting record see Paul has an almost 100% voting record during his entire time in Congress.
To call him the greatest living American statesman is almost a faint compliment,

For life and liberty,
David Macko

Twalls said...

I'm so excited Ron Paul is considering running. His consistent commitment to liberty commands respect across the spectrum. Finally, someone with some principles!

Richard M. Connelly said...

Ron Paul may be one of our last great hopes for liberty in America.

Check out this blog site.

Ron Paul is an intereting, intelligent and determined man when it comes to principals. I rank him up there with Thomas Jefferson, another great libertarian president and Braveheart(Wallace) who led a successful rebellion for Scotland against the British.

Americans need to honestly discover this man and what he stands for.

Go to and vote for Ron Paul in the straw vote. He is in 3rd place on the Republican side and is very capable of winning this straw vote we can shove down the throat of the controlled media like FOX NEWS.


richard m. connelly said...

PS...pass on the blog and site to vote for Ron Paul above to all your friends. Ron Paul represents the greatest grassroots rebellion against the demoplicans in a long time. I know Ron is seeking the Republican nomination. I wish Ron could do it outside either party...but its too difficult.

Ryan Brennan ( said...

Here is another 2 minute interview of Ron Paul on KUHF, Houston Public Radio by Jill Morrison.

The following link contains the audio interview and a text transcript of it:

And here is the link to just the audio interview:

Ryan Brennan ( said...

Here is another Ron Paul radio interview.

On February 15 Ron Paul was interviewed again on the Alex Jones radio show to talk about his presidential bid. Some great news includes: Ron Paul will be in the first national presidential debate in New Hampshire on April 4, sponsored by CNN. It will be hosted by Wolf Blitzer and will be carried on CNN TV, radio, and from 7-9 p.m. EST. Also, Ron Paul's presidential website should be revamped within a couple days. Listen to the interview here:

Anonymous said...

YAY! Send money:

The Ron Paul 2008 PEC
837 W. Plantation Drive
Clute, TX 77531

Anonymous said...

That is the address of the Exploratory Committee.
Please sign up there:

Anonymous said...

Ron is only unpopular with the RNC establishment. He is--or will be--very popular among true conservatives who want to shrink govt and restore the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

People have to understand what is happening to our Republic. It is slowly becoming a federal police state.

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