Monday, January 29, 2007

Brownback On Social Issues

On yesterday's Fox News Sunday Sen. Sambrownback was questioned by host Chris Wallace on his conservatism.

Christ Wallace: "Senator, let's talk about your campaign for president, because you are now formally in the race as of this last week. You sent out a fundraising e-mail to fellow conservatives this week, and this was your central message.

'As the only tried and true social conservative seeking the Republican Party's nomination, I'm personally asking for your support. In fact, differing stands on social issues like life and marriage represent the main contrast between the candidates running for the Republican nomination.'

Since you raised it, Senator, what are the differences between you, on the other hand, and (John) McCain and (Mitt) Romney and now (Mike) Huckabee on the other?"

Sen. Brownback: "Well, as I pointed out, as a tried and true conservative, I've been in the Congress or the United States Senate since 1994. I've voted on these issues of life and marriage — many of the other social issues. I've been a leader on those issues.
I think it speaks for itself that I'm tried and true on these issues and many of the others have looked or been in different positions at different times. Those are going to come out during the race.

We point out at the outset of those that I've been a tried and true leader on these core issues to the base of the Republican Party and also core to America."

To read the entire interview, go here.

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