Friday, January 12, 2007

Keyes: "Major Parties Are Betraying Us"

In this short video shot during the December, 2006, Constitution Party National Committee meating, Alan Keyese attcks the two major parties.


Daniel said...

It would not surprise me if Alan Keyes won the Constitution Party Nomination. I would support him if someone like McCain or Romney won the GOP. The Only Democrat I would support is Wes Clark.

Joe said...

I'll pay attention to Keyes when he leaves the Republican Party and think seriously about political alternatives to the morally bankrupt Republican and Constitution parties.

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

First, I think you have a center tag you need to close in your html.

Second, I think Keyes should be taken seriously. If the Consititution Party were to nominate him, while the GOP nominated someone like Giuliani or McCain, he has big enough name recognition to get a lot of social conservatives to leave the GOP for him. I might well do so myself. I voted for him twice in Presidential primaries, and also for Illinois Senator two years ago against Obama.

Anonymous said...

Keyes is a great speaker, but his one-note topic is abortion. That's a great issue, but it's not the ONLY issue.

His propensity to make honoraria giving speeches, and take contributions during unending campaigns, and then use that money to live from in the interim, between campaigns, is disturbing.

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