Monday, January 22, 2007

Would a Paul Candidacy Go Over With CP Members?

Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul is already backed by two Libertarians who have either sought the LP nomination for President or has been its candidate for President and is a Republican who 2004 Constitution Party Vice Presidential nominee Chuck Baldwin.

But, if Ron Paul would become a nominee of the Republican Party would Constitutionalists really go for Paul? In 2004 he voted against a constitutional ban on same sex marriage. His stand on abortion could also prove to be unpopular. Although he has a pro life record he does not think that the Constitution should ban abortion and this issue should be left up to the states.


Joe said...

Michael Peroutka, the Constitution Party's presidential candidate in '04, also opposed a federal marriage amendment and their platform is explicitly opposed to such, so there is no conflict on that issue.

The Right to Life issue is a potential problem. Michael Peroutka inisted that presidents have the constitutional power and duty to end all "legal" abortion in America. Paul presumably would disagree with that. However, given the fact that the Constitution Party voted to retain a state party that knowingly elected leaders and endorsed candidates that are pro-abortion and Peroutka is now persona non grata in the party, that probably wouldn't stop them from nominating Ron Paul either.

Worldviews Revolution said...

Ron Paul is a Constitutionalist hero.

He is pro-life, it's just that he won't vote unconstitutionally. Apparently he believed that some of the proposed abortion bills he would otherwise support would encroach on the rights of the states.

If he wins the nomination, I am confident the Constitution Party will need no prodding in endorsing him.

Hurrah for the rule of law!

Hurrah for Ron Paul!

Joe said...

Historically, the Constitution Party has held their conventions well before the GOP's.

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Given that the abortion issue has become thoroughly federalized, there must likewise be a federal solution. Leaving it "up to the states" is no more satisfactory for abortion than it is for slavery.

Anybody here (Dr. Paul?) want to repeal the 13th amendment and leave slavery "up to the states"?

No? That's how I feel about abortion and gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

Go Ronny! Ron Paul is the only real conservative on Capitol Hill and the only candidate.

I am very confident that the Constitution Party will support ROn Paul if he is nominated. And if he dosent get nominated, I would like to see Ron continue the run on the Consitution Party ticket.

Spread the word, tell your friends that a real American Hero is running!

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