Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Corsi Wins Jan. Poll

Best selling author and conservative commentator Jerry Corsi won the January poll here at Conservative President 2008 with 47.34% of the 207 votes cast.

Republican new comer John Cox came in second with 24.64%. For third place Libertarian Christine Smith edged out Democrat John Edwards with 13.04% compared to Edwards' 12.08%.

Independent Daniel Imperato appeared for a second time in the polls here and he only received 1.93% compared to his November showing of 5.19%. The Green Party's Pat LaMarche also dropped in numbers this time around, winning only 0.97% compared to her November showing of 1.3%.

You may now vote in the February poll.


Anonymous said...

Just curious. Why the rush? It's January 31st. Why is there a February poll?

Conservative President 2008, editor said...

I was not sure if I would be able to to put it up later.

Eaglet said...

It is interesting that you put Moore as a Constitution Party option considering he is a Republican and has not made any public statements about running with the Constitution Party.

I voted for him anyway. :)

Conservative President 2008, editor said...

Roy Moore was speculated as possible 2004 candidate for the Constitution Party nomination and has been endorsed by the Chairman of Illinois Constitution Party, Randy Stufflebeam.

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