Friday, April 13, 2007

LP/CP Fusion Ticket?

Mary Starrett ran on the Constitution Party ticket for governor of Oregon in 2006 and won nearly 3.6%; now there is a movement to draft her for President.

Glen Livingston, a Constitution Party member, is promoting Starratt for President and has contacted Constitution Party leaders in every state, "I think she's a good choice because she's attractive and articulate," he said.

"Mary Starrett is interesting to many libertarians," says Richard Burke, executive director of the Oregon Libertarian Party. "Strange things happen in politics," he went onto say.

What does Starrett, the current Constitution Party communications director, think of this? "Shoot me, just shoot me. It's like asking a woman who just had a baby to have quintuplets," she said.


jim said...

mary is the only constitution candidate i would support..i am 110% conservative..but i have been looking at Libertarians alot here lately..

Joe said...

I respect Mary's decision not to run. Women are not biblically qualified to serve as civil magistrates.

Anonymous said...

Joe is a theocrat. Who doesn't think women should be able to vote.

alot of the CP candidates are Libertarian-leaning.

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