Friday, April 20, 2007

F. Thompson Faces Problems With RNC Leadership

Former Senator Fred Thompson, who is considering a bid for the Republican presidential nomination, is the candidate that some conservatives are wanting, but he will face some difficulty with the RNC leadership.

The National Ledger reports:

But to run successfully, the people’s candidate must now find a way to work with dejected party powers. It will be tricky…

The people want Thompson to clean up the liberal cesspool camped out at RNC headquarters, and then their country. They like Thompson because he seems aware of the fact that compromise is greatly over-rated. He understands that real truth is always true and that anything half right is also half wrong. They expect him to not compromise…

Meanwhile, pressure for Thompson to bargain for needed RNC support will be enormous. If he succumbs to that pressure, even a little bit, the conservatives who drafted him will discard him in disgust, just like any other useless RINO. If he doesn’t capitulate to RNC pressure, those in power might make it tough for him to win the RNC nomination.

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