Friday, April 20, 2007

Hargis to be in Code 3 Magazine

Indepedent Bob Hargis will be in the May issue of Code 3 Magazine. Marty Neideffer and J.D. Nelsonthe, editors of Code 3, made these comments about Hargis on the magazine's web site:

"You’ll also read about Bob Hargis. Bob is a director of Emergency Medical Services in southern Oklahoma, and he is so passionate in his beliefs about post 9/11 EMS issues and other matters facing the nation, that he is running for president."

"We hope young people entering this business take note of people like Bob. What he is doing might at first glance seem a little crazy or delusional, but it really isn’t. Bob is audacious, in a way not uncommon among first responders. He is a regular guy with an unwavering belief in himself, who thinks he has the capacity, and therefore the responsibility, to make a difference in the world."

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Kim said...

Bob is gaining the support of the EMS and fire community.

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