Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tancredo Calls for Border Wall

"It's important to understand, my friends, that people coming across our country into this country, some of them are coming for the same purpose as they people who went to Beslan. It's not all people who are just looking for the job that no other American wants ... but there are other people, very dangerous people, who come across that border unimpeded, and there is absolutely nothing to say that the same thing that happened in Beslan could not happen here," said Republican presidential candidate Rep. Tom Tancredo.

Here is Tancredo's solution: "I want not only a fence, I want a wall. I want troops on the border. I want to know who is coming into this country. I want to know for what purpose and for how long, and why is that so difficult for people to understand?"


Anonymous said...

We have troops dying in a foreign country to secure its borders and bring order to chaos, and yet we cannot station them on our own border? And those given the job to protect the borders of the United States, a clear obligation given to the federal government within the Constitution, and yet they are imprisoned for doing their jobs.

Thank you, El Presidente.

Anonymous said...

Um... you mean "border" right?

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