Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Radio Show Finalized ; Hargis, Adams Will Appear

The first episode of the radio program for the Conservative President 2008 blog has been finalized.

Show Info:

The web address has changed: it is now The e-mail address has also changed, the address is and you may also send an AOL instant message to webconservative. The call in number remains to be (718) 508-9747.

On the show will be independent presidential candidates Bob Hargis and Steve Adams. Be sure to tune in this coming Monday at 5:30 PM (EST).

For the latest info about the show check out the right hand column of this blog.


Daniel said...

OH MAN..i wont be able to tune in...danget!!

Kim said...

Bob has an EMS news release on

Kim said...

It makes me mad that these guys will not be invited to be in the debates. How else can the Nation know who is really qualified if they will only allow the major parties to participate? This is more of the reason that we need an Independent President!

Me just me said...

They can do online debates.

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