Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Poll: McCain Takes Lead, Thompson Takes On Romney

After coming in second place in recent Republican polls, Sen. John McCain came in first place with 22% in a poll held in South Carolina.

Rudy Giuliani came in second with 19% but, Mitt Romney lost his third place position to Fred Thompson who scored 11% with Romney close behind with 10%. South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, who has said he will not run, finished fourth with 8%.

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Worldviews Revolution said...

Actually, from what I can see, John McCain has very little relative support here in SC. Mitt Romney is quite in the lead, followed the closest by Mike Huckabee and Duncan Hunter.

Polls can be wrong. I have no clue how they got McCain out on top, especially considering as they do in the article that McCain was crushed here in 2000.

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