Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April Poll Problem, Hargis Wins

Some how all the votes cast in the April were deleted. I believe it was due to a wrong button being hit on the web poll central control panel.

Bob Hargis was leading with 42% of the 150 or so votes cast, followed by Alan Keyes with 31%, Mitt Romney with 9%, Cynthia McKinney 7%, Jim Burns and Michael Bloomburg had around 4% and Wesley Clark came in last place with 2%. All results have been rounded to the best of what I could remember but, I believe them to be accurate.

I am sorry for the problem and the May poll will be up next week. In the mean time a special replacement poll is up.


Worldviews Revolution said...

You should add a category "none of the above" for the Special Poll. I am sure there are many who, like me, would not support any of these Libertarian people.

Ben Miller, CPO8 Editor said...

This poll if specifically for these candidates.

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