Monday, April 02, 2007

CP Conducting Poll

The Constitution Party has mailed out a poll to potential supporters to see who they would like to become the next Presidential candidate of the party. In a letter accompanied with the poll, it said that some of the Republicans running for President have expressed interest in running on the Constitution Party ticket after they fail to win the GOP nomination.

Names included in the official Constitution Party Presidential Poll:
Tom Tancredo
Ron Paul
Alan Keyes
Roy Moore
Chuck Baldwin
Jim Gilchrist
Jerome Corsi
Duncan Hunter
Howard Phillips
Rick Jore
Other (write in a name)


Worldviews Revolution said...

My first choice would be Ron Paul, followed by Roy Moore and Alan Keyes.

A question: Is there some reason Rick Jore appears in most of the Constitution Party polls? It would be a grand mistake to nominate him for President, simply because he already holds an office and has a real chance to climb upwards. If he were forced to immediately run, he would not only probably forfeit that opportunity, but he would lose the position in the Montana legislature.

Anonymous said...

Worldviews Revolution,

Rick Jore is put in their to interest people in his name. That is basically it. No serious political thinker would expect him to run for president...not when he is our highest elected official and our brightest politician so far.
No reason to ruin his current campaign by trying for president. Don't want to over-extend our debutante.

My first choices
1.)Ron Paul
2.)Tom Tancredo
3.)Alan Keyes
4.)Roy Moore (if he'll let one of our national guys direct his campaign)
5.)Duncan Hunter (same as Roy Moore)
6.)Jim Gilchrist (same as Roy Moore)
7.)Jerome Corsi
8.)Chuck Baldwin

I wouldn't want Howard Philips or Rick Jore to run. Rick jore for the previously cited reasons. Howard Phillips because he has made it clear he doesn't want to.

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