Monday, December 18, 2006

What People Are Saying About the Candidates

Frank Luntz took time to see what people in a study group, one in New Hampshire and another in Iowa, had to say about possible presidential candidates.

When it came to John McCain, one respondent said that he needed anger management and many thought he had "the good of the nation on is mind."

Luntz said "there is a social agenda cloud on the horizon that could derail his candidacy - and we saw it in action in both Iowa and New Hampshire," about Rudy Giuliani.

On Romney Frank Luntz said he "absolutely blew away New Hampshire Republicans with his smooth talking," but went on to point out a negative effect saying that Romney was "blown away by Iowa Republicans for evasive answers and lack of national experience."

When it came to Newt Gingrich Luntz was "genuinely surprised by the strongly favorable reaction to his speeches and interviews."

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