Thursday, December 14, 2006

Introducing The Chapman Challenger

The Chapman Challenger blog was launched today, by The Conservative President 2008.

Due the amount disagreement to the things Gene Chapman has posted on his blog, not just about the issues but also about other candidates, this blog will seek to challenge what Chapman has said.


Jason Gatties said...

Discounting Chapman is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Gene Chapman said...

Ok, what do you feel I'm so wrong about?

CP08 Editor said...

I feel that some of the comments that you make regarding other candidates are not right and that some of your ideas are not correct.

The purpose of the Chapman Challenger is not to pick a fight with you or your campaign but, it was created to supply alternate views to the things which you have said.

Frank Buckner said...

You gotta love the kookie Gene Chapman, who berates you on his "blog" about not allowing him to leave comments.

Ask him if he's ever banned anyone from leaving comments on his blog.

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