Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What Do You Think?

The Conservative President 2008 would like to know what YOU think.

Who do you think is the best or worst conservative candidate for the 2008 election?

What do you think makes a good conservative candidate?

What issue(s) will be the deciding point when you vote in 2008?

Feel free to answer any these questions or leave any other comments on the 2008 election, but please stay on the topic of the election.


Paul, Just This Guy, You Know? said...

My threshold issue is life. If a candidate doesn't know that human life begins at conception, and advocate policies that take that simple fact into account, then he is unqualified for any elective office.

(I also could never support a candidate who sought the repeal of the 13th Amendment, nor one who supports islamic terrorism; call me a one-issue voter if you like.)

Given agreement with a candidate on the life issue, I also want someone who's committed to defending traditional marriage, protecting the United States from its enemies, and reforming the tax code (ideally by adopting the Fair Tax. Reducing the size of government would be nice, but I don't look for it to happen in my lifetime.

The best candidate for President I know about is Senator Sam Brownback.

Forward_USA said...

Paul I want to introduce you to John Cox he is everything you have described. My TOP 6 Points that will decide who I vote for are 1. Abortion, 2. Immigration, 3. Social Security, 4. Gun Control, 5. War on Terror, 6. Education I think the worst candidate is Mitt Romney and John McCain and the best is John Cox I like Sam Brownback but he wont help us with immigration he is for illegal immigration.

Worldviews Revolution said...

What makes a candidate conservative is his commitment to Constitutional law and traditional Christian values. This rules out Sam Brownback, John McCain, Rudy, and scores of others.

In my opinion, we are not likely to get a conservative candidate from the Demopublican Party. However, the best choice for that nomination is Ron Paul, or maybe Tom Tancredo.

The best candidates from third parties seem to be Mike Peroutka and Gene Chapman.

Bob said...

Gene Chapman? Are you kidding? The guy says he will appoint himself as our DICTATOR if he's elected.

Gene Chapman is the WORST possible candidate for President. I can't believe anybody takes him seriously.

Anonymous said...

Chapman doesn't say he would appoint himself dictator. That is a very serious allegation.

Bob said...

Yes, it is a very serious allegation. It is also very true. Chapman says very specifically that he will appoint himself as Dictator, and he says it more than once. Here it is, it is a major part of his platform.


Paul, Just This Guy, You Know? said...

forward_usa, I have heard about Cox, and I haven't ruled him out. If I'm faced with a primary ballot with his name on it, I'll certainly have to consider him.

But Brownback's position on immigration was a compromise position, adopted only temporarily to make a deal that fell through. It is not accurate to say that Brownback is "for illegal immigration".

Paul, Just This Guy, You Know? said...

Worldviews revolution, I fail to see what about a "commitment to Constitutional law and traditional Christian values" serves to rule out Brownback.

Worldviews Revolution said...

Brownback co-sponsored the Senate amnesty bill.

Futhermore, he supports the North American Union and numerous unconstitutional government activities.

No, he's not committed to the rule of Constitutional law.

Worldviews Revolution said...

Although Gene Chapman has some noteworthy ideas, I don't unqualifiably endorse him.

Just to clear things up, though, Chapman seems to think of his "wanting to be dictator" position not as instituting a new military etc. regime, but as wanting to be a nine-month monarch. In his view, this kind of nine-month monarchy is necessary because of the severity of the Communist problem.

It is an important distinction, as some would like to paint Gene Chapman as an insane fanatic. While I doubt the integrity of some of his positions, I strongly disagree with those who want to do this.

Bob said...

Worldview: Chapman admitted that he tried to set himself on fire in some kind of protest against the IRS. He also admitted that the state put him in a mental institution and that it took them over a month to talk him out of setting himself on fire. The man is an insane fanatic no matter how you look at it.

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