Friday, December 01, 2006

What About Brownback?

Would Kansas Senator Sam Brownback make a good president? He is pro life and against abortion and embryonic stem cell research, as LifeNews points out, but is he the best candidate?

Brownback claims to be a Reagan conservative but, in 2006 Brownback voted to give illegal aliens social security benefits. How does the Senator expect the immigration problem to be solved by giving law breakers special benefits and not punishment?


Anonymous said...

This information on Brownback is news to me. I would not support anyone who panders to the illegal immigrant lobby.

R. Josiah Magnuson said...

Thanks for this excellent post. The social security benefits for illegals are the least of our worries on Brownback. Brownback co-sponsered the entire Senate amnesty bill last summer of which the social security benefits were only a part. Brownback is one who would reward lawbreakers, and one who supports the lawless New World Order globalist agenda. He is truly not a conservative choice.

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