Friday, December 01, 2006

Gilmore, Chapman Win Polls

In the the Next Prez November Republican poll Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore won the poll with 289 votes. Chicago businessman John Cox came in second with 177 votes followed by Tom Tancredo, who won 134 votes, and Mitt Romney with 108 votes.

This is also the first time in eight months that Jim Gilchrist lost the Constitution Party poll. Gilchrist came in third with 70 votes. Gene Chapman won the party's poll with 119 votes and 2004 Constitution Party presidential nominee Michael Peroutka came in second with 76 votes.

In the Libertarian poll Chapman came in third with 109 votes to to Kent McManigal's 184 votes and Steve Kubby's 192 votes.

In the mock ballot poll independent Steve Adams won with 272 votes to Libertarian Steve Kubby's 214 votes and Democrat John Kerry's 143 votes.

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