Sunday, December 31, 2006

Kubby Takes Poll

Libertarian Steve Kubby won the December match up poll from The Conservative President 2008.

December Poll Results:

Chuck Baldwin (CON)
Joe Biden (D)
Lou Dobbs (I)
Rudy Giuliani (R)
Steve Kubby (LIB)
Rich Whitney (GRN)

Total votes : 136


Dan said...

This was a great poll. I voted for Chuck Baldwin on this one. I like Januarys Poll its new and refreshing. It has alot of good options I mean Corsi, Cox, Edwards, Imperato, LaMarche, and Smith. Conservative Prez 08 could not have picked any better choices still I have to say Cox and if he was not on there it would be Imperato.

directaction said...

Garbage poll. Call people on the phone, ask them if they've ever heard of "Steve Kubby". That's a poll; much more than this nonsense.

Ken from Ohio said...

Look at the online polls at thenextprez and at politicsone. Hargis and Adams are neck and neck for the lead. Will they have a chance of being on the next poll here?

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