Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Seven Reasons For John Cox

Adam Graham, the Idaho State Coordinator for John Cox for President, gave seven reasons why John Cox is the best choice for President.

1. John Cox is dedicated to the reduction of government spending and reforming the way Washington works.

2. He understands we cannot reward those who break our nation's laws and that we also shouldn't create a permanent underclass in our country.

3. As a CPA and investment professional, he understands the mess our nation's tax and social security systems is in.

4. John Cox has leadership experience in the private sector as a businessman

5. He's not a part of the political establishment.

6. He's shown himself a serious candidate.

7. He has placed the future of this campaign in the hands of the American people.

To read the complete description of each number, go here.


Stephen A. said...

I'm with Adam. John Cox is a true Reagan Conservative, he would bring a business sense to the White House that has been missing, he is not part of the Establishment GOP that lost the Congress through their spending and failures to address real issues (like immigration) and finally, the serious nature of his campaign means he has a chance of going all the way.

The fact that he has organizing committees in 33 states, and has over 130 volunteer county coordinaors (as of 12/19) means he we well positioned to surprise the establishment media and the party elites!

I hope true conservatives check out his Website and give him a chance. http://www.cox2008.com

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to give John Cox a chance, given the dismal field.

Anonymous said...

Sounds right so far. I'm headed to the web site above to check out the specifics if they are there about his views on the issues. I hope we can come up with a gifted conservative candidate, I'm off to see if JC is the one.\

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