Friday, December 15, 2006

Hoyt on the Fate of the Constitution Party

Danile Hoyt, a former supporter of the Constitution Party and the editor of Hoyt Opinions, has recently made a post on his blog against the way the Constitution Party is now being run.
Mr. Hoyt answered these questions for The Conservative President 2008.

1. Where do you see the Constitution Party headed?

I don't. They may remain the "Third largest political party by voter registration" because of their unwillingness to exercise authority over the errant IAP of Nevada, but the number of states unhappy with the current leadership will continue to grow and by the time the 2008 election arrives there won't be enough organized state affiliates to carry the Electoral College.

2. Should dissatisfied Constitution Party members join other third party's, such as the America First Party , or should yet another party form with similar or the same as existing party's?

That is up to each individual to decide and my opinion need not be considered. However, I will say that unless the minor parties such as AFP, AHP and others don't find enough similar ground to join forces they will forever remain on the horizon of the political landscape. I don't say that with a negative tone, but it is the reality. They will never gain enough media attention and the grass roots supporters aren't wealthy enough to "buy" an election. Without God's direct blessing even the "third largest political party" will remain in the fray. But, duty is ours, the results are up to God Almighty. People need to vote their conscience as they have been directed by God through prayer and fasting, not because Dan Hoyt, or anyone else, told them to.

3. What party do you currently belong to?

I am a proud member of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin. Membership in our organization runs through the calendar year, expiring on December 31 each year. Everyone must renew their membership annually regardless of what time of year they join, although some grace is given to new members who join in the later half of the fourth quarter.

4. Will you support the Constitution Party's 2008 candidate for President?

Depends on who the candidate is, though I'm pretty sure it won't be Chuck Baldwin so you may as well take his name off your web site. The CP National Committee is likely to choose a candidate who is willing to compromise on key issues to be more appealing. I will only support a candidate the caliber of Michael Anthony Peroutka - someone who is 100% pro-life, without exception and without compromise.


citizen1 said...

In answer to the points made here.
1. The Constitution Party has all ready reorganozed in Missouri and Oregan is debating on reafiliating.
2.As of right now the Constitution Party is the third party with an elected member of a state legislature. Even though he is from an unafiliated afiliate. The CP is the only third party with a chance to be a factor in the '08 presidential race.
3. Wisconsin has partisan voter registration so I believe he dodged this question.
4. There are other 100% pro-life candidates. Alan Keyes may run and others. I am a member of the Connecticut affiliate and I will only support a 100% pro-life candidate. I can however compromise on some economic issues.

Eaglet said...

I do not share Mr. Hoyt's pessimism about the Constitution Party, but I share his willingness to support a candidate of "the caliber of Michael Anthony Peroutka."

I pray that the Constitution Party will again be successful in supporting candidates which embrace its platform.

Anonymous said...

In response to citizen 1 -

The illegitimate affiliation of the "new" CPMO may still have to undergo a legal battle over the name so I wouldn't count them just yet. And you have some bad information regarding Oregon.

Regarding #3, how did I "dodge the question"? Your information regarding Wisconsin's partisan voter registration is correct. So according to the WSEB I am a "registered" member of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin. But, the question was "What Party do you currently belong to?"

The point I was trying to make in my original comments must have been edited because I made it clear that my membership with the CPoW will expire at the end of 2006 and I will not be renewing it. So on January 1, 2007 I will not "belong" to any political party.

CP08 Editor said...

Mr. Hoyt,

Your comments were not edited, in any way.

They are posted as you sent them to the CP08.

Anonymous said...

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