Friday, December 08, 2006

Poor Choices Continue Lead

Thirty-one percent of poll responders to a recent Rasmussen poll said that would choose Rudy Giuliani as the Republican candidate for President in 2008. John McCain came nine points behind with 22% and Newt Gingrich came in third with 14%.


Anonymous said...

These "front runners" all seem to be simply Name Recognition candidates at this point.

No one seriously thinks that Giuliani, Romney or McCain can win the GOP nomination. But the media continue to push these onto us. They are "Next" in line, according to the media. They're wrong.

Paul, Just This Guy, You Know? said...

I hope you're right, anonymous, but I fear you're not.

The media gave us Bob Dole, whose turn it was, and also George W. Bush.

I agree that Giuliani, McCain, Romney, and even Gingrich, are poor choices (mostly for their positions on life issues, but Gingrich because he's a lightning rod), but the media has been telling us for months that we love them and they're the "frontrunners" (whatever that may mean) and that one of the "deserves" to win (McCain because he ran in 2000, Giuliani because of 9/11, and Romney so we can prove we don't hate Mormons).

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