Friday, December 08, 2006

Romney: Republicans Against Gay Marriage Are Extremists

In his 1994 bid for the U.S. Senate Mitt Romney told the gay and lesbian newspaper, Bay Windows, that Republicans who imposed their positions on gay marriage on the Republican Party were "extremists," as the Boston Globe reports.

So, where does Romney really stand on gay marriage? Does he, as he now says, support a federal ban on gay marriage which would make him one of the Republican "extremists?" Do we really want a flip flopper in the White House?


myclob said...

He has not flip-floped. He wants to treat gays with respect but does not want to allow them to get married... were is his flip flop? Does he have to hate them, in your mind, in order to be "consistent"?

CPO8 Editor said...

Has it ever been said on this blog, that gays should be hated? No.

Where has the governor flip flopped? He has taken two different stands on one issue.

KenH said...

Ronald changed his position on the issue of abortion. First, he signed a liberal abortion bill as governor of California. Next, he changed his position on abortion and became a hero to social conservatives.

As an evangelical Christian I believe in the concept of redemption - and I support Mitt Romney for president in 2008. 8-)

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