Monday, February 05, 2007

Kubby's Immigration Plan

What would Libertarian presidential hopeful Steve Kubby do to solve the problem of illegal immigration?

The first step Kubby would take in securing the American boarder, which Congress would have to pass, is "let those who bear us no ill will to come in 'through the front door' -- to walk across the border publicly and conveniently instead of sneaking over it in the middle of the night and in the middle of the desert." Apparently Kubby thinks that any one that is not a criminal should be allowed to freely walk across the boarder without being identified but, if they are not identified how will it be known if they are peaceful or not?

The next step Kubby would take would not require the approval of Congress, it is to "re-focus the government services which address that border away from hassling peaceful immigrants and toward detecting and eliminating real threats to the United States." This is a good idea, the people that are threats should be detected and stopped from crossing over to America but, as long as it is law, every one should be checked and meet the requirements to legally enter into the U.S.

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